3 Red Flags for as a Small Business Owner

Business / Wednesday, February 10th, 2021

Whether a small business owner for years of only a short period of time, you want what is best for all you have worked for.

That said are there certain red flags you should be looking for? Yes, red flags that could mean notable trouble for your business?

By being cognizant of what to keep an eye out for, there is less chance you see your business suffer.

Be Smart with All You Have Worked for

In looking at your small business and what it takes to stick around, be wary of the following red flags:

1. Financial trouble – The most noticeable thing owners tend to fear is financial trouble. That said make sure you are keeping your eyes on your financial books on a regular basis. The failure to do so can leave you on the outside looking in when it comes to having a company to run. Continual struggles with sales and revenue should catch your attention. When you see these challenges, work to fix them as soon as possible. It may be a rather simple fix or a more complex one. Speaking of complex, you may well hate doing taxes each spring. Keep in mind that you can more times than not come up with a bevy of deductions in being a small business owner. Make sure you take advantage of each deduction. Last, you also want to stay on top of all rules as they pertain to things like ASC 606 revenue recognition. That means knowing how your commissions are accounted for. When it comes to the financial aspects of running a business, the goal is to steer clear of trouble at each turn. In being an organized business you know the ins and outs of your operation. As a result, there is less opportunity for issues.

2. Customer issues – It is also good to remember those folks keeping you around in the first place. Yes, where would you be without your customers? With that in mind, make sure you are giving them the best service possible. It is good to remember that many consumers have options when it comes to the goods and services they seek. As such, you do not want to assume most of them only have you to rely on when it comes to shopping. Go above and beyond as it relates to providing top-notch customer service. If you see sales and revenue dropping, it may well be time to review your service efforts. Look at how best to do more for those you count on to own a business.

3. Low employee morale – Finally, unless you are the lone employee, you have people under you. As a result, be sure you are doing all you can to keep them happily and gainfully employed. The failure to do so can lead to morale issues in your company. Although you expect your employees to give you 100 percent, what you give them in return matters too. If morale is low in the company, now would be a good time to get everyone together and discuss how best to fix things.

In keeping your business going forward, what red flags will catch your attention?

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