4 Common Tasks for an Office Assistant

Business / Wednesday, December 9th, 2020

For most busy business owners, they often find they cannot do without an office assistant. Whether it’s for basic office management duties to avoid maintenance problems, or dealing with clerical matters to keep the office running smoothly, they wonder how they ever survived without one. Here are 4 common tasks that an office assistant may perform for the company.

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3.Keeping the Office Kitchen Organized

The office kitchen is frequently used to make quick cups of coffee, to grab a snack, and to get some drinking water from the refrigerator, which means it is a high traffic area that needs managing. An office assistant can help make sure everything is stocked up by ordering the necessary supplies, such as cups, paper towels and even Fridge Filters should the refrigerator be installed with a water dispenser. This is crucial, as keeping a well-maintained common area helps to improve employee morale.

4.Travel and Events Coordinator

For smaller businesses that don’t have a dedicated coordinator, it’s not uncommon for this responsibility to fall under the remit of the office assistant too. Organizing the travel arrangements for various executives, which includes hotel bookings and other reservations, is not uncommon. Researching the area to provide useful directions from the airport, arranging a hire car, and other necessities goes a long way to allowing the executives to focus on the task at hand.

Also, helping towards organizing a company event may be a task that the assistant can handle too. For ambitious employees in this position within a growing company, there’s the possibility of moving into a newly created Events Coordinator position in the future too.

5.Office Equipment Maintenance

The office equipment such as the printers, photocopiers, coffee makers, and any other incidental equipment needs to be maintained. Usually, the issues that crop up with them are minor, but other employees with tasks to complete can lose precious time when something fails and they don’t know how to fix it themselves.

While there’s a line between what’s fixable and equipment that will need a professional to come in to resolve, basic cleaning and minor fixes should be handled in-house. This reduces expensive call-out fees and avoids office disruption due to poorly maintained equipment.

6.Stocking Up on Office Supplies

While much has been done to reduce the use of sundry office supplies through moving to digital services, some are still needed regularly. It’s up to the office assistant to ensure that supplies of photocopier toner, photocopy paper, pens, and other necessary items don’t ever run out. They should also look for the most affordable source for supplies to avoid overpaying. Also, anticipating changing needs to avoid overstocking on something that won’t be required after a few months, or infrequently at best, prevents the company from purchasing supplies that go unused.

While companies will eventually need an office manager as well as an office assistant, most small businesses will operate fine with just one person in this role.

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