4 Ways to Keep a Home Warmer in Cold Climates

Security / Monday, March 1st, 2021

Some states are colder and homeowners who have recently changed their residency need to be prepared. For others, they’re finding that the effects of global warming are leading to more volatile weather conditions, colder storm fronts, and other unexpected situations. As a result, sometimes winters are a bit chillier than expected.

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To combat this situation, homeowners must be open to different approaches to keeping warm. That way, they’re ready for almost anything. Here are 4 ways to keep warm in colder climates.

3.Fix or Change Your Roof to Handle Colder Climates

When it comes to Midwest living and other chillier parts of the country, the colder months sure test the patience of everyone. Coming in from the cold outdoors, it helps if your home can keep warmer without you needing to donate a small fortune to the utility company as a form of goodwill!

Roofs can be inspected to see whether they have missing shingles, damp areas, or other problems that are causing a loss of warmth. All it takes is one vulnerable spot where the roofing protection is now insufficient, and heat will rise and disappear.

Also, if the roofing materials previously used are inferior for the winter temperatures, then a check on the roof can confirm this too. When it’s time to replace the roof, more appropriate materials can be installed to keep your home toasty for longer.

4.Use Overhead Fans to Your Advantage

Overhead fans commonly only turned on in the summertime, so it may seem strange to consider using them during cold months.

The strategy with their use in colder months is because heat rises, the ceiling fans can generate a downward force on the warm air to push it down into the room again. By doing so, it ensures less warmth is lost through the ceiling and eventually the roofing structure.

5.Bring Back the Curtains

While some homeowners have been moving more towards blinds and shying away from using curtains, it’s smart to remember how it was in the olden days. Back when there was no central heating and people relied on a fireplace to keep warm, there were thick curtains drawn over the windows to keep the cold out and the warmth in.

As the old saying goes, “The lesson will be repeated until it’s learned.” And here’s one lesson worth repeating and implementing if you’ve done away with the curtains to use a more modern window decoration. You may be feeling colder for good reason.

6.Start Baking More

Cooking heartier meals during sudden cold spells and winter months is commonplace to warm the body. Thick soups, pasta dishes, and heavier meals work well to keep everyone well fed. After all, feeling both hungry and cold is no fun at all.

Start making greater use of the oven. Baking is a good idea to create scrumptious delights and treats that everyone can be looked forward to while having the added benefit of warming the kitchen and adjoining rooms too. Meat pies, and other dishes that you don’t normally have time to make in the summertime when the outdoors beckons, can now warm the body and keep everybody upbeat.

Not all solutions to handling sudden cold spells or prolonged winters are obvious. But used together, they can fortify the spirit to go forth and sometimes, to play in the snow like a big kid!

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