6 Unique Corporate Gifts Your Employees and Clients Will Actually Like

Business / Thursday, November 1st, 2018

If you think buying gifts for your family and friends is hard, then you’ve never had to buy corporate gifts for employees and clients. There’s a lot weighing on these little gifts. They need to express who you are as a brand, while also expressing your sincere appreciation to the receiver. And of course, you want to give unique corporate gifts that aren’t just thoughtful, but are also original and have that wow factor.


To help get your gift-giving wheels turning, here are 6 unique gift ideas that your employees and clients won’t throw into a drawer and forget about.


1. The Gift of Time

Time is a treasured thing. So if you can’t give your employees an extra day or two of paid vacation, give them something that’s going to save them time elsewhere. You could give gift cards for a home or carpet cleaning service or pay for them to have one of those home meal kits delivered to their door, like Blue Apron or HelloFresh. Because after a long day in the office, wouldn’t it be nice to come to a clean house or find that your grocery shopping was done for you?


2. FEED Products

If you’re in the business of caring about others and the environment then give a charitable donation as your gift. You could donate to a cause your company or client is passionate about or buy your employees or clients FEED products. FEED donates meals or micronutrient packets to children in need with each product you purchase from them. So not only will you be giving a physical gift, that gift keeps on giving as it provides numerous meals to hungry children. FEED makes and sells a variety of bags, jewelry, luggage tags, leather tassels, and clothing patches. Each product offers a different number of meals, and that number is stamped somewhere onto the product as a daily reminder of your charity. This meaningful gesture is sure to communicate your company values, as well as honor your employees or clients.


3. Personalized Keepsakes

Don’t give something generic when you can give something personalized. People appreciate personalization. Customized wood gifts, like a wine box or bottle opener, make truly unique corporate gifts. If your clients or employees don’t drink, go with a customized wooden phone amplifier or keepsake box. Both of these are a 2-in-1 gift, doubling in usefulness, either for playing music or storing things, while also being a beautiful decor piece. You can choose between adding a custom logo, like your company’s, a meaningful or funny phrase, or a photo. This customized gift paired with a personalized handwritten note is an impactful combo.


4. Free Food

Some people don’t like do-dads. They don’t know what to do with them. They want something they can use, get enjoyment out of, and then it’s gone, like steaks or a honey ham for them and their family. You could even go as far as gifting a whole holiday dinner to their family if it’s in your budget. Providing the main course or whole meal could really lighten their stress around the holiday season.


5. Online Classes

Whether you have an employee who’s wanting to broaden their software development skills or a client who wants to open a bakery business as a side gig, give them the gift of learning via online classes. Pay for a semester, yearly membership, or individual class—whatever you can afford. Companies like Lynda and Craftsy offer online courses and classes for software and creative folk.


6. A Unique Experience

Gifts that enable people to have experiences and a chance to create lasting memories are a win-win for you and the receiver. Listen to your employees and clients when you’re casually talking during presentations, meetings, or in the breakroom. Have they mentioned some new place they’ve been wanting to try out? Did their daughter just join a soccer team? Is their favorite author writing a new book? Learn what their hobbies and interests are, and then give them a correlating gift, whether it’s a gift card, a soccer mom shirt, or signed copy of a book. You’ll help them receive a gift that allows them to continually have experiences and create fun memories—and bonus, it’ll help you build an authentic relationship with them.


Corporate gift-giving doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems. With a little thoughtful listening, caring about, and knowing your clients and employees, you can give perfect and totally unique corporate gifts that everyone will appreciate.


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