6 Ways To Lookup Email Addresses

Business / Friday, August 14th, 2020

Some types of earnings or business offers on the Internet are related to finding people and sending them offers.

When you know who exactly will agree, you have to look for his contacts and sometimes it is not so simple. People hide their data, especially personal contacts, so as not to receive regular spam, but any problem can be solved.

This article has collected 7 ways to find a person’s email. When you know some information about the user, you can find his mail on the network or using clever methods.
For an advertiser and an entrepreneur, this is a great opportunity to find a real buyer and an active user, for example, to add him to your referrals.

How to find Email by first and last name?

The easiest way to find email is to search it on different resources. Just enter the information you know and start monitoring.

Perhaps the mail address is listed on some forums, on social networks or on a personal blog. If the data could not be found, try using these methods:

1. Find people related to the person whose you want to find a email address. Just write to them that you want to contact for cooperation, they can send you not only the mail address, but also other data. Alternatively, you can even use your friends list from social networks.

2. If you know the address of the site, try looking for contact details through Whois. Go to this page and enter the name of the site. Unfortunately, not all domain zones display this information. But even if you do not find the data, you can send a message to the domain administrator.

3. By name and surname, find email address with name is possible through generators. When creating mail, services offer available options; you can view them using email search tools. The system will quickly select the maximum available number of options, and you will have to start sending out to all these addresses.

4. Similarly, you can compile a database of possible addresses using another email search engine generator. It has one plus – this is the ability to specify two domains at once. After a couple of seconds, a huge list of all available options is displayed, copy and start the newsletter.

5. A convenient extension has already been developed for browsers that helps to find a person’s email directly in Gmail. It can be downloaded from the browser store. When you send a letter, in the line “To”, you need to specify the name and surname, as well as indicate the domain. Hover over the available options and look for the user.

6. Use a service for email finding (such as https://getprospect.io/) which searches for email by first and last name and company name. This way you will easily find the email addresses for multiple people at once, just by uploading the file with name and company website.

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