7 Steps to Writing a Powerful Note for Your Business

Business / Thursday, February 20th, 2020

Have you noticed how rare it is to receive a personal note in the mail these days? 

While email and social media interactions are all the rage, a great way your business can show customers and clients how you care about them personally is by sending a handwritten note detailing how much you value them. Here are seven tips to get you started.

Understand the Power of Handwritten Notes

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Before you start jotting things down, you should understand the purpose and power of a handwritten note. Customers are inundated with email marketing and fliers in the mail every day. While those marketing tools can be effective, they can also be lost in a crowded inbox.

Writing a personal letter dates back centuries, and though some think they are outdated, there is still something special about knowing that someone has taken the time to write something personal rather than a form letter to a mass audience. You’ll be able to engage with your customers in a unique way for a low cost and little time rather than sending just another email.

Have Supplies Handy

Communicating in any form should be done in a professional manner, which means having the right tools for the job. Find a professional set of stationery you can use time and again, keep a high-quality pen in your desk, and have stamps and envelopes at your disposal to write a note whenever possible.

Respond Quickly to Recent Interactions

There is no time like the present to keep your business in the mind of a customer. If you have recently had a meeting, made a sale, or come across a prospective client, send them a note within three days to let them know how much it means to have their business.

Keep It Brief, Personable, and Habitual

While you want to be remembered, you don’t want to waste anyone’s time, so make sure your note gets right to the point while displaying a casual and friendly tone that doesn’t come across as too pushy like a hard sell. The more often you do this, the easier it will be to have a consistent and quality message, leading to a positive connection between you and your customers.

Hand Out Compliments

Show your contacts that you pay attention to them by recounting something that puts them in a positive light, whether by sharing an engaging story or letting them know how great your interactions have been with them.

Create a Call-To-Action

While you don’t want to overstep your bounds, it is essential for your note to have a purpose, whether it is to encourage future sales or to keep your business in mind for future needs. No matter what you put in your note, it should motivate the recipient to act in a way that further develops your business relationship with them.

Remember to Thank Them for Their Business

One of the main reasons to correspond with any customer or client is to win their loyalty. Remembering to simply thank them for their business will go a long way toward keeping their business for years to come.

Now it’s your turn to take these tips and begin writing personal notes to benefit your key business relationships today.

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