Ayden Hector – Where to Invest Your Cash Next Year

Business / Friday, October 9th, 2020

Last week I was watching a webinar with the financial guru and smart investor Ayden Hector, and he was discussing how it is times like these that make people who have cash on hand very wealthy indeed. I went away from that talk and began thinking about where exactly would be the smart place to invest money, which would be the best way to take advantage of these very difficult times. One thing that is for sure is that if you have investment power right now, hang on for a few months and let’s just see what the changing face of this pandemic is. These are the area of investment which I would keep my eye on.

Stay At Home Stocks

If you missed the boat on Amazon, Dominos and Zoom stocks then don’t worry as there is a very real possibility that there will be good value in those stocks. As things have opened up around the world following the outbreak of Covid-19, cases have once again surged and so too have deaths, and that has resulted in many going back into lockdown conditions, or something similar. If this happens again then you can bet your bottom dollar that those stocks will once again show some real value.

Real Estate

Given that governments around the world have borrowed so much money in order to prop up the economy during this year, that money is going to have to be paid back. How the government will usually do this is to hike up interest rates, raid pension pots and look to increase taxes in certain areas. All of this is very likely to lead to a recession and when that happens, the real estate market always suffers. What is very encouraging about the real estate market however, is that it is incredibly buoyant and that means that if you have patience, that value will come back once again.

Precious Metals

Something else that happens when a recession hits and the money begins to dry up is many will go bold on precious metals like gold and palladium. Now is the best time to go for these metals as when things do turn south again, those prices are set to rocket. Get ahead of the curve and invest in some precious metals now, physically if possible.


What has been telling about this year is the instant switch to digital which so many of us have been forced to do and the reality is that the pandemic has actually sped up the distance of time by which we are going to go fully digital. Under the rules of the new normal just about anything can happen and that means that the time for cryptocurrency is nigh. Get in now before you watch those coins go to the moon. Start with some Bitcoin and then look to invest in Alt-Coins.

Now is the time to put that money of yours to work.

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