Best Business Air Conditioner Practices to Save Money

Business, Finance / Monday, May 25th, 2020

Whatever type of business you have, you would probably require an air conditioner, especially during the summer months. You want to make sure that it works effectively, because not only will it provide comfort to the people in the company, but it will also keep your energy bill low. Here are some of the AC best practices to incorporate in your business to save money.

Get an air conditioning inspection before the summer season comes

The AC unit gets stuck during the winter season since you are most probably using your heater during this time. To make sure that your air conditioning system is working fine, get an inspection before the summer season even begins. It will ensure that your office will be comfortable when the said season starts. Furthermore, service cost will be cheaper compared to availing it in the hot months when AC service providers are more in demand.

Hire a professional air conditioner service provider

Whether you are getting an AC inspection, repair, installation or replacement, make sure that you are only dealing with an expert Surrey air conditioning service provider. Improper work may cause the AC to work inefficiently and will also result in having to have the job redone. Both will cost you more money.

Ensure proper and consistent maintenance throughout the season

It’s not enough that you get an AC unit inspection. You must also ensure that you have proper routine maintenance during the season when you are using the air conditioner. It’s to prevent problems that could cause repair or replacement, which is an added cost. Plus, it will also ensure that the air conditioner is running efficiently, thus also saving money. If the unit doesn’t work correctly, it will consume more power, which in turn increase your electric bill. Here are some of the things that you can do for your AC maintenance:

Check leaks

It’s one of the easiest things to check because you will see it right away for the most part. Check the AC unit for leaks, which may be caused by condenser problem, or issues with the drain. Do this on the exposed ducts too. Get AC service right away if you see any leaks.

Check the level of refrigerant

The refrigerant must be on the recommended level to ensure that it will cool the air in your office. Check it regularly and re-charge it if it’s reaching the low level. The unit will need to work harder to cool the space if the refrigerant level is low.

Replace filters

Filters trap dirt and dust to help keep air indoor clean. However, if dirt piles up, it can also cause airflow restriction. Plus, too much dirt can also be a breeding ground of bacteria and mould, causing health issues on your employees and customers. Replace the air filters once a month to prevent this problem.

Upgrade your air conditioner

If your AC unit is old and it keeps on breaking down, consider an upgrade. New air conditioners come with features that will give you more control in the settings, so you can make adjustments to save on energy consumption. They are also energy-efficiently that make them use lesser power.

Apply these best practices in your business to keep your AC unit working efficiently and save money.


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