Best Slots Games Online with a Book Theme

Finance / Sunday, November 14th, 2021

Books are still incredibly popular! Despite the rise of things such as e books, people still have a preference of reading a physical book. Books have produced some of the most well known and popular stories of all time, making a book theme perfect for 3 reels slot games. 


Books contain some of the most inspirational tales of all time. Although movies and television have undeniably superseded books in popularity, these forms of entertainment would not exist without books. Movies and TV also take a lot of their cues from books, with most being based on a novel. Books cover a range of genres including non fiction, fantasy, thriller and even religious text. People who have a passion for literature will be pleased to know that their favourite stories have now been further immortalised as a slot game! These texts make great slot themes thanks to the popularity of their stories and familiar characters.Classic literature is often used as a slot theme, these instantly recognisable texts serve as a great basis for a theme. 

Best Slot Games with a Book Theme 

As books have such a wide appeal, they make the perfect basis for a slot theme. The following are some of the best slot games with a book theme. 

●       Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is a slot game which was developed by Betsoft. It is based on the classic story written by Louis Stevenson, the game features all twisted fun that you would expect from the titular character. Standout features include the variety of bonuses which can switch places depending on whether you land on a Jekyll or Hyde symbol.

●       Alice in Wonderland is based on the classic novel and it was developed by BF Games. The slot has 243 different ways for the player to win and a whole host of amazing bonus features for players to enjoy. The slot has a wonderful design which provides a unique interpretation of the characters featured in the story. 

Use of Stories in a Theme 

Books are popular as a slot theme because they are the basis for some of the most popular stories ever created. While many slots focus on providing a fun experience with exciting visuals and gameplay, some focus much more on telling stories. Books aren’t the only theme that deals with stories. 

  1. Movies – Many films are based on books so it should come as no surprise that many movie themes also have engaging stories. Sometimes, movie slots can be more engaging because they use clips from the actual movie, ultimately creating a more immersive experience.
  2. Television – Similar to films, this theme is based on popular TV shows. Television is more similar to books because it is better able to tell long form stories without having to worry about runtimes. This is reflected in TV slots which often feature characters who people are more connected with. 


Books are a great theme for slot games, they feature instantly recognisable characters and stories that every player will enjoy.

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