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Business / Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Building a career takes time, focus, and a lot of hard work. While everyone knows a strong career path is a major part of living a happy life, you don’t have to move as slowly as you think in order to realize steady career achievements. As you look to speed up or “boost” you career, take the time to take action where it really counts – and you’ll notice your career moving faster than you think. By seeing unique opportunities, networking effectively, and learning from mistakes – you’ll get the leverage you need to boost your career; frequently and consistently.


Seeing Unique Opportunities

If you’re caught in a career tracking system that tells you the only opportunities to advance yourself are with the standard steps that your employers have laid out for you – it’s time to toss that falsehood by the wayside. Recognizing the opportunities that are presenting themselves constantly to you as you work through both your career and everyday life, you can size these to move your career rapidly. For example, something that may seem like a burden in your current position – something like developing a new project or task – can actually give you the experience you need to present yourself better in your next job interview. It’s essential to keep an eye on the things you might be passing by that seem like negatives, but can actually be positives for boosting your career potential in one quick swoop.

Effective Networking – Opportunity Everywhere

Nowhere is career boosting opportunity more prevalent than in the networking you can do everywhere you go. Meeting the right person in a work related, or non-work related situation can be the key to getting ahead in your career. All it takes is one offer for a lunch meeting, job interview, or even informational interview to accelerate your career to a place you might have previously thought would take years to achieve. To network effectively, make sure to see the value in seeing the value and networking potential in anyone you meet anywhere. Also remember to order custom printed business cards, and carry them at all times. You’d be surprised how effective a quick business card exchange can be over asking someone to type all of your information into their phone.

Learning from Mistakes

As you see yourself making mistakes that have potentially cost you forward movement in your career, you can’t see that as the entirety of the situation. Learning from mistakes such as missed opportunity, poor presentation skills, and lack of preparation actually serve as unique career boosting opportunities in themselves. As you see what is at risk without taking the action to prepare for the things you’ve made mistakes at in the past – you’ll innately begin to apply yourself to these areas in everything you do. As you make yourself better at preparing, presenting, and fully understanding your work, for example – your overall career quality will be boosted simply by taking this action in all you do. Never see a mistake as completely negative – or you’ll always be trudging through the deep mud of the past.


As you look for opportunities to boost your career overall, never forget that you are the one behind the wheel of where you can go and how fast. Some things can’t be sped up; like taking formal training classes or working through the ranks of a very organized career path. Most of the time however, the vast majority of professions can apply career boosting methods any and all of the time for an instant improvement in results.

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