Bharat Bhise: Bravia Capital Thrives After Acquiring Stake of GE SeaCo

Business / Wednesday, October 16th, 2019

Bravia Capital, led by Bharat Bhise, is maintaining its strong reputation in the global transportation world years after acquiring a major minority stake of a large container lessor named GE SeaCo, now known as Seaco.

When Bravia Capital completed its GE SeaCo acquisition, GE SeaCo was the fifth-biggest marine container lessor globally. The company was ultimately rebranded to become Seaco. The transaction involved SeaCo Limited’s and GE Capital’s divestiture of the interests they had in the entity that would become called Seaco, plus the container fleets they owned. The transaction was valued at around $2.5 billion.

At the time of the transaction, Bhise said that the move demonstrated Bravia Capital’s ability to acquire and integrate asset-heavy and top-tier businesses in the sectors of logistics and transportation. He said that Bravia Capital took serious its mission of leveraging its core transportation finance competencies, which was evident in the help it received from various lenders to finance the purchase. What is most outstanding about this transaction is that it took place during a particularly difficult debt market – certainly the worst in recent years.

Within the span of two years alone, Bravia Capital was able to complete multiple investments totaling more than $7 billion. In light of the transaction, Bhise said he believed that the company was in an excellent position to provide strategic value and liquidity to global transportation businesses that were being well managed.

Seaco officials said that the transaction would be just as helpful for Seaco by enabling the business to move forward successfully. In fact, employees and customers at the time apparently provided glowing feedback about the acquisition. Employees were especially happy with the transaction because all of the management/employee team members were retained as part of the acquisition. Both Bravia Capital and Seaco continue to embrace opportunities growth and opportunity in the years to come.

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