Bharat Bhise HNA – Why Every Small Business Needs Cyber Security

Business / Friday, July 26th, 2019

For the last 6 months I have been working for a cyber security company and showing me the ropes is the highly experienced Bharat Bhise HNA. This has long been a field in which I wanted to work and working alongside Bharat has helped me immeasurably. Part of the job which Bharat and I do is to convince business owners, particularly small business owners, of the many benefits of investing in cyber security. Bahrat is brilliant at explaining to people why it is so important and if you have a small business then I want to pass on to you exactly why you should listen to people like Bharat and myself, and invest some cash in boosting your company’s cyber security.


Attacks Happen More Than You Know


The first thing to mention is that in many cases you won’t even know that you have been hacked, you’ll stroll into work as normal and conduct business, without realizing that your business and your customer’s sensitive information will be in the process of being sold or used. This is a hugely important reason as to why you need to get cyber security in your business. Secondly you need to bear in mind that cyber attacks are more common than physical attacks to your business, we invest in CCTV, locks and alarms, so why not protection for our computer systems? These attacks have happened to thousands of businesses around the world, big and small, and they can and will happen to you unless you get smart.




Spending money on cyber security is much like investing in insurance, you may never need it but it will come in handy at the bets possible time. The consequences for businesses can be huge after a cyber attack and this is why it is so important that you have your guard up and that an attack doesn’t happen. Your business could lose money as a result of an attack, it could have its systems damaged so that you need to have them cleaned and fixed and the worst case scenario is that you destroy your reputation. If a customer has given you their information it is because they trust you to keep it safe. If your business is breached and you lose sensitive customer information then you can bet your bottom dollar that they won’t be coming back to do business with you again.




Many companies offer great solutions to their clients from cloud-based software to mobile applications, whilst these are excellent tools for the customer, they also leave you far more open to an attack. If you plan to offer your customers tools such as these then you had better ensure that your cyber security is right up to date, failure to do this could result in these handy solutions being turned into weapons for hackers.


Don’t give it a second thought, educate yourself on the risks and invest in cyber security today.

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