Bharat Bhise – How to Promote Your YouTube Channel to The Masses

Business / Wednesday, October 16th, 2019

Bharat Bhise and I started a YouTube channel during college and whilst our friends and family would watch it, fr a long time we just didn’t have that many viewers coming. The reason behind that was that we hadn’t really taking things seriously in terms of promoting our video, so after college we addressed that and launched a full scale strategy to boost our channel, and our viewership. The work that Bharat and I put in really worked and whilst we are not a channel with millions of subscribers, our viewership has grown a great deal since those early days. If you have a channel and you want to market it to the masses, here is how to go about it.


Within YouTube


The first place you should start when it comes to promoting your videos is on YouTube itself, the way in which you upload this video is going to have a big impact on who is watching it. For example you need to make sure that you have a catchy time which is going to bring people in. There is nothing wrong with using clickbait if you do it in the right way, don’t just write a clickbait title for the sake of it, trying to bring people in under a false premise. Another key consideration to make is the thumbnail for you video, this too has to be something which will bring people to your video. Viewers decide to watch your video based on these two aspects, so make sure that you get them right.


Employ SEO


Search engine optimization can be used on YouTube and it can boost your visibility for organic searches, especially on Google. You have to remember that Google own YouTube and so they are able to seamlessly and quickly share data. Make sure that you research keywords and their popularity and then use these in the description of your video and utilize things like metatags which will help you video to stand out. Smart SEO means you can grab viewers from search engine queries, boosting your chances of success.


Social Media


You have to be heavily using social media in order to tell the world about your vlog and get them to take a look at it. There are two important factors when using social media, the first is that you chop up your video on YouTube and share snippets, trailers if you like, to your followers. Slicing videos like this also mean that you can make the most of Tik-Tok and Instagram, which gives you a broader range of people to aim at. You must also engage, engage and engage with those who are commenting or sharing your stuff, both on social media channels like Twitter and Facebook, and yon your own YouTube videos. The more you engage the more that you will get loyal viewers who will come back time and again, and are likely to tell their friends about you.

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