Charles D’Angelo, a Nationally Renowned Transformation Coach, Recently Shared a 2020 Client Success Story

Business / Thursday, October 29th, 2020

Charles D’Angelo—a nationally renowned transformation coach—recently shared in his in-demand Transformation Tuesday segments the compelling story of a client whose life he changed for the better both physically and mentally.

D’Angelo, who is the author of the personal development book Inner Guru and the bestselling weight loss guide Think and Grow Thin, joined his client Coby Arzola to discuss his amazing 75lbs weight loss.

Arzola contacted D’Angelo for personal coaching in the spring of 2020 just as the pandemic hit, after battling weight for years. Seven months later and his body and mindset have been completely transformed. Arzola lost 75 pounds and reports feeling far better than he has in a long time.</p>

In the segment, Arzola did more than simply describe the dividends of his work with D’Angelo. He explained what compelled his to reach out for help. He explained how his lack of personal fulfillment is what drove him to contact D’Angelo, who once weighed 360lbs himself as a teenager. He also described what made working with D’Angelo so life changing for him.

According to Arzola, D’Angelo did not just focus on helping him change his habits. D’Angelo engaged him holistically—as a human being. In other words, he helped his client explore how his decision-making may or may not have been in alignment with the vision he had for and of himself.

D’Angelo has repeatedly emphasized in his Transformation Tuesday segments that when people know how they want their lives to look, when they have a compelling aim in their life, they can begin to shape both themselves and their decisions in those directions.

According to Charles D’Angelo, clients can succeed in his popular coaching program when it comes to weight loss if they are willing to be consistent in healthy food choices, daily exercise, and a total shift in their thinking. This new mindset involves remaining consistent in your plan of action no matter what adversity life may bring.

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