Choosing From Commercial Real Estate For Sale

Business / Saturday, February 8th, 2020

Whether you business is manufacturing, distribution, farming or processing, land is an important part of your business. While in early stages you may lease a piece of land and the units on the land, long term its much more cost effective to find commercial real estate for sale and buy it. This may be land that is already zoned for commercial, retail or industrial development, or could be already built commercial property on its own land, so you buy the land and the property. But where can you find this type of land for sale?

Where to Find Commercial Real Estate For Sale

If your business is very geographically tied, such as a retail unit in a local town then you already have access to the local real estate agents, but if you’re expanding into a new area, or you want to find a cheap piece of commercial land to relocate your business to, then you probably want to look a little further than your own town and county. Thankfully there are now a small number of online land and commercial property brokers who collate commercial property and land listings from around the country and can advise on where to look to meet your needs.

The type of properties they list include hotels, offices, motels, malls, restaurants, bars, farms, warehouses, industrial buildings, process plants, garages and many more. The sale may include sitting tenants so be ware of this when you consider your options, because if you intend to buy the land and property to use it yourself then a sitting tenant will disrupt that plan, you may need to talk to them first to understand whether they intend to stay or not and also what tenancy lease agreement is in place as they may be signed up for five years or longer.

If you plan to buy zoned land that has yet to be developed of course you need to consider the surroundings. Is there amenities and utilities connected to the land such as major highways, electricity, water, telephone, which will allow you to easily establish the site, or are you going to have to going through planning stages with utility firms and perhaps pay them extra for connection to their grids. Another factor is passing trade and accessibility, are deliveries and logistics partners going to find it easy to reach you. How about your potential customers, is this a convenient location with them, is there enough parking, and what will access be like during bad weather or congested rush hour times. These are all questions you need to ask.

But with a wide choice of land and commercial properties available, there is no reason why you can’t locate the perfect spot for your business. Or if you’re an investor who just wants to buy commercial land then choose a property that has sitting commercial tenants as this will guarantee your income for the medium term while you consider what the long term value of this piece of land could be.

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