Common Small Business Invoicing Mistakes

Business / Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019

So many small business owners believe that invoicing is not that important. You have to dedicate your full attention to it since it is an essential part of cash flow management. The business owner should always maintain positive cash flow, which is always mandatory if he/she wants to be successful.

The good news is that you can always automate invoicing with good software. The bad news is that you might end up relying on this, which can be dangerous. If you really want to get the money you are owed on time, avoid the mistakes below.


It is always difficult to manage various tasks at the same time. Invoicing often seems like a small task so forgetting about it is common. Always remember the fact that invoicing falls into your responsibility list. It should be a priority and you have to send the invoice as soon as a sale is made or a project is over. You are much more likely to be paid on time if you send the invoice as work is delivered.

Deal With Pending Invoices

An invoice is not a deal you make with DUI attorneys Springfield, where the lawyer is paid when you get paid in an automated way. The invoice you send out needs a due date and you have to be sure that the receiver respects that. It is much more common than you might think to see clients misplace invoices or forget about them.

If the client is terribly unresponsive, you should not waste time and take the needed extreme measures. Getting lawyers involved at the right time helps you avoid numerous problems in the future.

Not Defining Terms In The Invoice

Vague language often appears in invoices. This is especially the case when referring to terms and consequences as terms are not respected. You should never define unrealistic or lengthy terms since these hurt business relations. However, when you sign a contract with a client, payment terms need to be discussed. It is these terms that are then used in the invoice.

Not Adding The Important Details

Many small mistakes appear due to the fact that the business owner is not attentive to details that actually matter. For instance, you might end up invoicing someone else. This would drastically delay receiving payment for the work done. Make a list of what has to be included in an invoice and be sure that your template reflects that.

Lack Of Data Backups

Data backups are mandatory for everything business related. You have to create backups of the receipts with the use of cloud technology. This offers a soft copy whenever you need it, even if the hard invoice copy goes away. Various applications are available for people. Just take advantage of something that is appropriate for your business.

Not Being Flexible

We are talking about business so you have to be sure that you are flexible with payment terms. It is really important to stick to what you set but from time to time, some wiggle room should be offered, in the event that an important client with a good payment record requests it.

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