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Business / Monday, September 10th, 2018

Courier service with a parcel delivery you can send parcels and parcels. These services are available in the form of courier services, overnight shipping and express delivery, which are offered by postal and logistics companies. The cost of parcel shipping and express shipping depends on the weight and volume, as well as the speed of delivery and delivery, which the customer selects when submitting the shipment.

The Express Delivery Process

Express delivery by courier delivers parcels through a transit center. With this type of parcel delivery, the customer is guaranteed a delivery time at a certain time on the following working day. For the postage costs for the package an additional surcharge for the express shipping is calculated. Currently there is no uniform legal basis for European express shipping.

The express delivery companies have different conditions with regard to the guaranteed delivery time for this form of parcel shipping. In addition to the surcharge for the guaranteed delivery time, the size and weight of the shipment also determines the price that the customer must pay when selecting express delivery.

Send fast and secure parcels with express service from courier. The parcel delivery takes place with well-known providers and therefore offers a prompt delivery. The used parcel services and Express offer especially for business customers cheap parcel shipping. For the courier service to USA this is important.

The Overnight Process

The overnight express is usually delivered on the next working day after the package has been dispatched by parcel delivery before 8 am local time. The delivery to the addressee takes place at a specified address or delivery point. Especially companies that require important documents or materials before starting work use the overnight express. The delivery of the parcel at the overnight express of courier service takes place without a receipt. As a rule, the deliverer has access to the address by means of a key or code to which the parcel is to be delivered by night express. As a rule, the parcels and consignments are delivered by the deliverer in a safe or in a delivery room. For the International parcel shipping this is important now.

  • Overnight parcel delivery is a special courier service from Express, where the consignment is delivered directly to the addressee by a courier. The delivery of the parcel takes place overnight and will be carried out immediately after the task on the next working day. When choosing this type of parcel delivery, only smaller parcels can be sent as they must be transported by a courier. Maximum weight and maximum size for packages that can be shipped by overnight vary by provider. For the parcel delivery via overnight, an additional surcharge will be charged for the postage costs, which may vary depending on the provider as well as the weight and size of the parcel. We ship your packages on favorable terms to save you money.


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