Do US trusts need LEI?

Business / Monday, December 13th, 2021

The first
question that comes to mind is that who needs an LEI code? Do I need an LEI
code? For answering such questions here are the details.

Any business entity
which is considered a legal entity can file for the Legal Entity Identifier
application. An association, a limited company, a charity, a trust any entity
or business entity that is recognized by the law to be an organization can file
to obtain an LEI code.

For all legal
entities need LIE codes that involve themselves in financial transactions or
especially when operating within the financial system of the US, UK, or EU.
this code is mandatory in the current global financial system. In simple words,
no LEI, no trade policy is going across the world. It means that if you don’t
have your LEI number when needed, then your trades/transactions will be

It is very
clear that even trusts too need to obtain their LEI number to trade smoothly to
a global extent.

for trust

An arrangement
where a person known as a trustee holds some property as a nominal owner for
sake of one or more beneficiaries, this arrangement is known as trust.

The United
States applies a large number of rules and regulations that request the trusts
to obtain LEI code for the transactions and reporting. These imposed
regulations are included in the Dodd-Frank Act, The Commodity Exchange Act, and
the MiFID II directs trusts to hold their LEI codes to participate in global
financial transactions.

This means
along with other legal entities, trusts too need to hold the LEI code. And if
trusts who do not get an LEI code to carry out the complaint reporting will not
be able to provide any investment services.

How do applicants get an LEI number for trust

A trust is
responsible for obtaining and renewing its LEI number when it is required.

  • Log on to the portal, to register the
    trust online.
  • Select the appropriate type in the
    “Entity Type” field to ensure a smooth and quick application filling process.
  • Fill in the necessary details about
    the trust, like the name of the trust, as written in the real documents.
  • Enter the registration number of the
    trust in the concerned field.
  • Upload the required documents
    mentioned in the application form to get registered.
  •  The documents must be signed by the signatory
    person or the trustee.
  • After uploading the required
    documents, opt for the payment gateway to make the payment for the registration
    of the LIE number for the trust.
  • The documents will be verified by the
    authority after the successful submission of the documents.
  • Lastly after the verification, the
    authority issue the LIE code for the trust.

For applying
and other important functions, the applicants are free to take guidance or help
from the legal entity identifier service providers. The experts have great
knowledge and expertise in their field as they deal in it on regular basis  They can give the whole consultancy regarding
the process, need, and other important factors which must be known to the

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