Elhadji Gueye, a Premier Stylist, Shares How Fashion Will Look Following COVID-19

Business / Sunday, June 28th, 2020

When questioned about the future of fashion amid the coronavirus pandemic, fashion designer Elhadji Gueye had no problem with sharing his predictions about the future.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has negatively impacted a wide range of industries, and fashion is one of them. Both massive corporations and independent fashion labels have tried to adjust to the new normal. They have done this by producing such supplies as hand sanitizer and hospital gowns. However, masks have especially picked up steam as essential items. And with that, masks have taken center stage in the fashion industry.

I talked to Elhadji Gueye, a premier tailor and stylist with Maison De Haj, to find out how he believes fashion can move forward with the help of masks during the pandemic.

The Fashion Industry Mask Revolution

As a leading industry thought leader, Elhadji Gueye said his goal moving forward is to make masks the focal points of his customers’ attire.

According to Haj, people in China have actually been using masks for some time now, even before the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, it is safe to say that masks will become a fashion focal point there and in other countries in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Haj said, “Let’s remember that there is a long history and tradition related to facial coverings among many cultures. We have the Indian ghoonghat, and in the Middle East, we have a variety of types of hijabs that distinguish different styles of Islamic clothing. These serve many purposes, from modesty to protection from the environment, and many people in these cultures see them as opportunities for personal style as well.”

Haj went on to say that “the face masks being designed today for our current needs will be no different. As a fashion designer, I immediately saw this as an opportunity, and I have been happy to be able to contribute to the safety and well-being of the public.”

The Fashion Industry Revolution in General

According to Haj, style is something that will never die—even when a global pandemic comes into play. That’s because a person’s style is a mode of personal expression, which is an important part of the human experience.

Therefore, the fashion industry will no doubt remain very much alive and well in the months and years ahead. This billion-dollar industry is known for offering both universal and essential goods that everybody has to use; after all, everyone wears clothes. Haj said the industry will simply take on a bit of a different look (pardon the pun) following the pandemic.

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