Female Entrepreneur Success Stories: Vanessa Molica

Business / Monday, March 2nd, 2020

As the founder of six successful lash salons and creator of her own product line, Vanessa Molica is the very image of a successful businesswoman. 

Throughout the years, she has had her ups and downs, just like anyone might. However, what makes Vanessa and The Lash Professional so unique is the perspective she forged throughout those pivotal life moments. 

The Start of Vanessa Molica’s Lash-Filled Journey

While eyelash extensions have been around since the 19th century, but the more recent trend is alive and thriving as we enter 2020 in style! 

As trends go, when eyelash extensions first emerged back on the beauty scene, they were expensive. So when Vanessa was inspired by a friend who added them to her beauty pageant regimen, she naturally went on the hunt for her own pair. 

Unfortunately, like many other women like Vanessa, she discovered the costly price for eyelash extensions. However, Vanessa didn’t let this small obstacle stand in her vision. 

Knowing how popular these lashes would be once more could buy them, Vanessa began her training towards becoming the skilled eyelash technician she is today! With her keen insight into the beauty and lash industry, Vanessa’s success has bloomed over the years. 

Since her first experience with eyelash extensions, Vanessa has opened eyelash salons across the nation and even started her own successful brand of products. 

Becoming an Inspiring Lash Leader

As Vanessa found herself in the role of CEO of her lash business, she quickly learned about what kind of leader she wanted to and needed to be. 

The perspective that Vanessa has gained throughout her life, both in and outside of the lash industry, is what motivated her own personal and business mission statements. 

When making salons like The Lash Professional, Vanessa wanted to make an atmosphere that felt like coming home rather than something stiff or awkward. 

Better yet, she wanted to make all her clients feel like they’d just gotten their lashes done by their best friend—and had lots of fun doing it!

To achieve that, Vanessa may not be what one may picture as your typical aloof CEO, and that is very much a good thing. 

Referred to as her lash sisterhood, Vanessa has forged relationships that run deep thanks to her profession as a lash technician. Heading to work each day to see your best friends who just so happen to be your coworkers does have its perks, after all!

Thanks to the balance that Vanessa has in being both an executive as well as a support companion for her friends and clients, she’s created a welcoming place in a world that sorely needs it.

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