Five Features Every Good Business Website Needs

Business / Monday, March 4th, 2019

With a massive 88% of web users saying that they are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience, making a good digital first impression is more important than ever before. Whether your website is purely for the purpose of providing customers with more information about your business, or it’s your main point of sale, here are some important features that every single business website today should have.

#1. A Pleasing Design:

It goes without saying that your website should look great and be easy on the eye. You could have an amazing product or service, but if your website design is underwhelming then you’re going to be selling your brand short. If your website looks like it was designed during the dot-com boom of the 90’s, then you’re going to have a difficult time convincing your customers that your brand is modern and upcoming.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend thousands on a web developer’s services to get a modern, clean website today. You can create your own website for free using the various templates and tools available at WebEden. WebEden offers a wide range of services to fit all business needs. Whether you’re looking for a professional website that you can create yourself in minutes, a clean e-commerce store, or a designer to do all the hard work for you, check out their site today and find the plan that works best for you.

#2. Mobile-Friendliness:

Today, more and more people are accessing the web on their smartphones than ever before. Because of this, a website that isn’t mobile friendly is stuck in the dark ages and won’t go down well with your on-the-go viewers. In order for your website to make the best impression, you should make sure that it has a fully responsive design that snaps to any device it’s viewed on, making sure that each and every one of your visitors gets the best experience possible. The good news is that today, modern web design software usually provides responsive designs as standard, because they know just how important it is for your SEO and reputation.

#3. Social Media Buttons:

Don’t just put your goods or services on your website and leave it at that. In a social-media dominated world, you can be sure that your visitors are going to want to see more about your brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. A strong social media presence will contribute to your branding, allow you to easily showcase your products or services to a wider audience, and promote further engagement with your customers. Add social media buttons to your website in a place that’s easy to find.

#4. Security:

You might think that extra site security won’t be a problem if you’re not selling products on your site or asking customers to enter any financial information. However, failing to have an SSL certificate on your website can be a red flag for visitors, even if they’re not being asked for their card details. If you’re asking for any kind of information, such as names, e-mail addresses or telephone numbers, SSL encryption gives your visitors peace of mind that their data is secure.

#5. About You:

Last but not least, make sure that your website contains as much information about your company as possible. In addition to an informative ‘About Us’ page that covers all the basics, you should make sure to include clear and complete contact information, such as your telephone number, e-mail address, opening hours, and where customers can find you if you operate from a physical location too. Adding a web chat option to your website is a great idea; this will help customers get the answers that they need quickly.

What kind of business website features impress you? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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