Get your web hosting for cheap using these tried and tested tips

Business / Monday, February 24th, 2020

Let’s face it. If you want to have a beautiful website, decent domain name, and CLOUD HOSTING, you will need to invest a sizeable amount of money depending on your business needs. Regardless, there are a couple of ways you can follow to get the most out of every dollar you’ll spend. Here are some tips you can do to save money on web hosting.

Take advantage of promos and discounts. Virtually all web hosting providers offer promos and discounts with their cloud hosting offers. For instance, Chinese New Year promos are being currently offered by multiple providers like Vodien. In any case, check the fine print before committing to a plan to avoid surprises in the future.

Web hosting like any other service loves deals on special days like New Year, Christmas Day, Black Friday, etc. If you can wait, then buy web hosting at that time – like now as it’s Chinese New Year.

Choose a shared hosting plan. Understandably the cheapest and most popular plan. Shared hosting lets you share hosting with others to decrease the cost. Think of it as a shared apartment. This is a viable option for start-ups since it can handle around 20 thousand visitors daily. A new site or blog usually doesn’t get more than this.

Go for a long-term subscription. Subscribing to a web hosting plan that lasts for longer periods (2 or more years) is a good way to save some dollars. Web hosting providers are likely to dole discounts upon signing up long-term plans. With this, ensure that you choose the best web hosting provider that provides both affordable service and excellent support.

De-select add-ons. Hosting companies sometimes include or bundle extra services with their package, including SEO, backup, sitelock, etc. These services are essential in the long run but they are not free. If you think you won’t need these when you start, leave them for later as they become necessary.

Ask the hosting company for discounts. Web hosting companies sometimes offer special discounts to businesses that have the guts to ask. This idea can work with most hosting companies. Retaining or onboarding customers is a priority, so either if you’re a prospect or an existing user, you can ask your hosting sales team for discounts.

Consider free hosts. If you want to skimp on website cost, you can consider free hosts and website builders. This is for websites in initial stages with less traffic. You can choose from many free web hosting services available although you must exercise caution when going with a free web host. Always back up your database to avoid loss.


As you’ve seen, there are a couple of ways you can utilize to save on cloud hosting. These tips should get you started if you are on a tight budget. Note that cutting the cost of your plan can affect user experience. If you’re a serious entrepreneur with the eye for the price, you will naturally transition into better hosting plans, more services, and a better hosting provider. Everyone must start from somewhere, right?

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