Habits That Distinguish Successful Marketers From Their Peers

Business, Marketing / Wednesday, June 13th, 2018

People are finally getting it. Entrepreneurs and business professionals who have the support of a board of directors and shareholders are built differently. Entrepreneurs put their unique ideas to work. They believe in their ideas and vision to the point that they’re willing to risk putting up their homes, their children’s college tuition and other assets to get their ideas off the ground, forming them into a profitable enterprise.

Business professionals, on the other hand, use existing ideas to help businesses they already work at to advance. According to Top Plaza, business professionals are market players, while entrepreneurs are market leaders. Market leaders like to stay on the cutting edge of new product and marketing developments. if they use marketing automation software, they’ll measure the effectiveness of the marketing automation software before they bring it in-house.   They also might demand to see a demo of the marketing automation software before they incorporate it into their broader marketing strategies.

As impatient and demanding as these business leaders can be, executives at companies like Salesfusion understand the pressure the leaders are under. Services they demo for their clients include lead to revenue, lead capture, email marketing, website tracking and event management.   Entrepreneurs use these types of marketing automation software services to track how well brochures, newsletters and other forms of direct email they send their customers and prospects are performing. Because entrepreneurs are idea generators, they want to be the first to try new messaging. Following another business professional is not in successful entrepreneurs’ plans.

Other business professionals may wait to see how new marketing strategies impact another business before they try the strategies themselves. The downside of this is coming in on a marketing strategy too late. In this case, business leaders may spend thousands on a marketing program only to break even, or worse, to lose money.   Regardless of whether they have an entrepreneurial mindset or not, people who are serious about business focus on marketing. Instead of leaving their marketing efforts to chance or luck, smart business people always develop a marketing plan. Each year they revisit and revise the plan as needed.   In addition to creating and reviewing marketing plants, business people (entrepreneurs and business professionals) identify their sources of competitive advantage.

They also get the resources and support they need to realize their marketing plans. The chances of these business people using inaccurate data is slim and none. Even if they have to add to their payrolls, they’ll do what it takes to ensure the data (i.e. prospect contact lists) is accurate.   When consumers ask questions or make comments at their companies’ social media sites, they respond, generally within 24 to 48 hours.

They know that simply having a plan or social media accounts is not enough, which is why they work their plans and each social media account they have.   Even more important that these action steps, smart business people understand the value of words. As marketer, Kyle Lacy, shares, “Content is key to success in marketing today. Everyone’s online looking for it all the time . . . .  In the B2B world your targets are doing their research on products and services as they try to drive time and cost efficiencies in all areas of their organizations. So making sure the copy you provide for them is effective is of paramount importance.”


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