Haj Gueye: The ‘new normal’ is influencing wiser fashion choices

Uncategorized / Sunday, July 5th, 2020

The challenge brought by the global pandemic has greatly disrupted the economy and society. But while it has caused a lot of uncertainty, it has also exposed the aspect of humanity that is drawn to innovate in response to the changes. Haj Gueye, Chief Creative Officer and Chief Executive Officer of global fashion enterprise Maison de Haj, reveals that he has already started doing his part to help his clients stay safe while still having an outlet for self-expression.

As people need to protect themselves when they go out, Haj Gueye turned to creating customized masks made of reusable and sustainable materials. Like the bespoke garments that his brand is known for, the masks are made from the best materials and are meant to last for a long time. According to the master tailor, he sees that the face mask will be a part of people’s outfits. This is why he is committed to keep on creating garments and masks that will reflect a person’s unique personality. He shares, “The opportunity is in the materials and details. Right now, I am focused on three materials: custom suiting material, cotton/canvas, and lightweight linens with the option to personalize with company logos or monogram initials. There are mask designs for business environments, whether it be an office, industrial, technical, medical, or the larger service industries. There are grey and blue linens for casual looks and even shimmery linens for evening looks. The mandate is natural,

breathable materials that are washable and durable.”

According to this <a href=”https://www.npr.org/2020/04/19/838195084/how-the-coronavirus-could-shape-fashion-choices”>NPR article</a>, COVID-19, like earlier societal disruptions such as World Wars I and II, will bring about a change in the way people dress. While these historical events encouraged people to dress extravagantly, the current situation is more likely to cause people to prioritize protection, sustainability, and comfort more than other factors. These days have also led people to become more conscious of what they consume. Instead of just buying what is cheapest, many are choosing to invest in the most beneficial products. As the world grapples with a health crisis, people are choosing to put their health and well-being first. This means going for high-quality goods when it comes to the essentials such as food and clothing.

As an industry leader, Haj Gueye understands the importance of investing in oneself. This is more than just about fashion; it is about developing a person’s impactful presence that allows them to carry out their purpose confidently. Now that the whole world is moving forward with the “new normal,” Maison de Haj is still committed to doing business in an environmentally-friendly manner, particularly concerning packaging materials and the use of natural-fiber fabrics for garments. Since its establishment, the enterprise has always been socially-conscious and is committed to providing clients topnotch service at the core of its business. With social distancing and personal protection rules in place, the team has provided solutions that will still give its clients the highest quality garment that they deserve.

Haj Gueye shares, “It always comes back to who you are and how you feel. I always think about Earl Nightingale’s words, ‘You are what you think about’.” Amidst the anxiety, uncertainty, and isolation, expressing oneself through fashion can be empowering. The stylist, designer, and tailor gives this advice: “Get up in the morning, dress your best, and you will feel better. In turn, the world will respond to you better. You get to create your environment rather than being a victim of it.”

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