How a Professional Answering Service Can Help Your Business

Business / Saturday, February 8th, 2020

Many companies have shied away from professional answering service providers over past years because frankly out sourcing of calls to overseas providers gained many companies a bad reputation and customer loyalty dropped through the floor. However, the move to outsourcing to a professional answering service within the US has many advantages and could just be the thing your business needs to help it grow.

Life Without a Professional Answering Service

Right now examine the phone call journey for one of your customers and how it impacts your business. The customer calls your number, perhaps they are met by a push button greeting to get to the right department, or they wait until their call is answered. How long does the average customer have to wait until they are answered by a human? You might be surprised actually, perhaps test this by ringing in yourself.

What bout during out of hours, what happens to their call then? If they are sent to an answering machine, how long does it take before someone calls them back, is it first thing the next day or days later? Are you actually losing customers because no one ever manages to speak to them again? Perhaps you didn’t hear their number correctly, they got cut off or gave the wrong number.

Now how does a phone call impact your business? Whether that’s a current customer calling you, a potential customer, or a sales call from a potential supplier. How much time does it take up for one of your key team members to deal with a call? And what happens when a second call comes in within minutes of the first. If like many smaller businesses you’ve got your production team answering the phone, or perhaps your accountant, or even you the business owner yourself, how much time distracted away from core money making work is being lost?

Quite sobering thoughts really. If you monitored this for a week, you might find that phone calls cause a disruption of many hours to your production times.

Life With a Professional Answering Service

Now imagine that the phone never rings. You and your team focus on what you do best, without disturbance. You will probably get ten to twenty percent more done every week, your production capacity will increase. Meanwhile the professional answering service team answer every call with a human operator within seconds of every call. They take messages accurately, they filter out spam calls and sales calls, and they deal with any enquiries they can which might include sending out product information, providing specifications, or scheduling in appointments.

Where there is a call that does need to be dealt with by a team member you can set what action should be taken, should the call be sent to the person’s direct number, or should a message be taken for them to be called back, and then an email sent to the team member with the details. By deciding on these call flows you can ensure important calls are dealt with and others are delayed.

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