How Can You Create an Effective Banner?

Business / Friday, October 26th, 2018

Banners, regardless if they are hung, retractable, or pop up banners, are an excellent communication media. Banners, when used effectively, can say a lot about your company or business, advertise your markets, and even facilitate bringing in revenue.


With that said, however, producing content for your banner may be challenging. There are no hard and fast rules for creating awesome banners, but there a few sure ways to make sure they work well. Here are some tips on making a banner that will speak for your business.


  1. Choose the most appropriate images

When it comes to sending a message to your audience via banners, you have to consider the fact that your banner only has so much space: retractable banners are usually around six to seven feet tall, while pop up banners, which utilise horizontal space, span from four to five feet in width.

Make the most out of this space by using the best images. Photos should be relevant to your advertisement (if it is an ad) or business (if you are using the banner to mark your company’s location).


  1. Use custom images

If you cannot find or produce the best photo for your banner, consider using custom images. Besides your company logo, you may attract the attention of your viewers if you use witty custom photos, graphs and graphics, or typography.

You may also use this creative perk when designing banners that are orientation-specific: for hanging or suspended banners, you can use a continuous or linking set of images; while for pop up banners, you can choose a high definition panoramic photo that spans in feet.


  1. Combine colours—and combine them right

Be knowledgeable about when to blend or contrast colours. You do not want to make your text illegible by mistakenly colouring it red against a similarly shaded backdrop. On the other hand, you may choose to blend your text or parts of your images if it accomplishes a creative feat that says something about your latest offered product.


  1. Have movement

Many professional photographers will advise you to capture movement. The same principle applies to create banners. While still life and other motionless images may communicate the message that you intend, using photos, text, or other visuals that have a sense of movement are always more attractive.

Movement can come in the form of images of liquid splashing, action lines, and just the right amount of blur to connote motion.


  1. Call to action

It is not enough to tell your audience that your company exists. You have to make them do something about that by convincing them to check your website, or to visit your shop, or to attend an event that you are going to host in a few days. Being able to call audiences to action is the most effective way of engaging your target market.




In a competitive marketplace such as today, using effective advertisements in the form of physical banners makes all the difference in your company’s success. The primary challenge for producing banners that turn heads requires a combination of being creative and informative.





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