How Help Desk Software Can Make Your Company More Efficient

Business / Thursday, March 14th, 2019

If you have an IT department and it is running without a help desk software even in 2019, you need to change that and get a help desk software as soon as possible! Just in case you are not yet aware or convinced of the benefits of doing so, consider the following as we explain how help desk software can make any company more efficient than before.

Every Associated Process Becomes Faster

While some new theories are trying to suggest otherwise, there is no doubt that time is indeed money in business and a help desk solution speeds up any and all associated processes with it significantly. Everything from bringing tech issues to the attention of the IT department, to the IT team actually getting those problems fixed faster is facilitated by help desk software. To illustrate this point, let’s take the example of how SysAid’s help desk software speeds up the ticket management process:

Incident Management

This is the feature that your employees, end users and the IT department will be able to use for easy and fast registration of the problems, as well as processing those issues and generating subsequent reports on the entire ticket management process.

The Self-Service Portal

SysAid’s Self-Service Portal provides the end user with a variety of advanced functions such as easy access to their office computers via remote desktop, direct chat support with the IT team, staying in touch with the progress in the resolution of the tickets and being aware of various IT-related announcements, just to name a few.

Creation of the Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base within the SysAid help desk software platform is exactly what it sounds like; it is a place where tips, solutions and step-by-step guides to solve various IT problems are stored to help admins and end-users alike. If a problem has been solved already, employees can use that knowledge to solve the same or similar problems faster, without having to put in unnecessary effort.

A Unified Interface to See All Problems from One Place

It is both a hassle and a waste of valuable time when the tech experts have to physically visit each problem area to know what’s wrong and address the issue. A help desk software saves on that wasted time and effort by providing a unified interface for the IT personnel to register, identify and even diagnose some of the problems. The support team can also keep everyone updated on the shared interface regarding the progress of the solutions, saving them unnecessary trips to the IT department as well.

Auto Assignment

As a company continues to grow bigger, the IT team naturally faces a lot more problems than before, and it helps immensely when a good help desk software is able to auto assign tickets to the right techs, thereby eliminating the need for repetitive tasks such as manually assigning tickets.

We have not even mentioned automatic prioritization of tickets according to each problem’s level of urgency for attention, or even the fact that IT managers can use the trend data from a help desk software to better recognize the skills of the people working under him/her, and assign them accordingly, for catering to specific needs of the company more efficiently. At this point of time, the question is not really should you get a help desk software for your IT support team, but it should be more in the lines of which one would best serve your needs?

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