How to ensure exhibition visitors don’t bypass your signs

Business / Friday, April 12th, 2019

Attracting visitors to your exhibition stand for your company is as important as attending the event itself.

Your stand is your shop window.  An invitation that says, ‘Come in and look around’.  It is vital to make sure your company stand attracts potential customers.  You need an objective for the show, which will determine the look and feel of how your stand is presented.  You will need to choose signage, products to display if you have any, posters, business cards etc to display the image that you want to create for your company at the event.

Exhibiting at a professional exhibition doesn’t have to have a huge budget.  You can do a lot on a small budget also.  Some people think that the size of the exhibition space is what matters whereas usually if you have a smaller space but use it more effectively it will create more of an impression on customers.

Before exhibition day set up your stand at home or your workplace to save you time on the day and so you know where you will set out your information etc.  It will give you a better feel for the space and you will see what you need to include on your stand and what you will need to leave out too.  Take a few photographs of how it looks to refer to on the day and to ask others opinion.

According to Jamie from Leeds based signage company Dock Street Signs “Experiment with your signage for the exhibition.  Don’t just make sure you have enough business cards for the event.  Be imaginative with your signage too so that you make more of an impact to potential customers.  You could use screens, lighting, posters, signage, roller banners etc.”Do not  include too much text to read, you want to make an impact and your company will not be forgotten.

Be careful not to go over on your budget.  Exhibiting at a trade show doesn’t need to be about spending loads of money by getting lots of new materials.  Signage and posters etc will be an investment and these can be re used time and time again at other events and even in the workplace too.  Look at your workplace and there will be items there you can use to furnish your stand but not make it cluttered looking.

If you want to give out gifts and branded items during the exhibition, make sure they relate to your brand.  If you make them memorable to your company people will keep them.  Coupons can be printed and used for a limited time at the exhibition for your company. These are a great way to encourage new potential customers to use your business and it is a cheap form of advertising.

Once you are at the event don’t forget to tell everyone that you will be there.  Upload pictures of your branding material to your website and across your social media avenues.  Invite customers to come and visit you at your stand and send prospects and clients regular email updates reminding them to join the show.


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