How to Protect Your Home When You Are on Vacation

Legal, Safety / Monday, April 19th, 2021

When most people leave for a vacation or to visit family, they often do not think about what they are leaving behind. Your home is always at some risk once you leave and this is why it is so important to put measures in place to protect the home when you are away. These security tips will help you travel with confidence and not have to grapple with unpleasant surprises when you get back.


a Security System

cameras and motion detector lights can help deter criminals. They can
be used in conjunction with loud sirens to deter
who choose to
ignore the cameras and lights. Also, the cameras can help you capture
everything that happens at the home so that it is easier to file a
police report if your home is broken into. You can also get real-time
monitoring for the home if necessary. The security company you hire
to keep an eye on the home can alert the police or a neighbor if they
see an unwanted person near the home.

Mail Delivery

pile of mail will alert anyone passing by that you have not been home
for a few days. The post office can hold your mail for you when you
go on vacation. All you need to do is fill in a form and let the post
office know you will not be home for some time.

the Right Insurance

having insurance will not help deter a would-be criminal, it can help
you save money on replacing your belongings or repairing the home in
case of a break-in. Get in touch with an insurance company to find
out what the right type of insurance would be for your home.

type of insurance you get should cover the home from arson, break-ins
as well as damage to a part of the house. If the insurance does not
cover damage caused by break-ins, you can get additional insurance
for damaged entry points such as windows by getting window
damage insurance
or any
other appropriate insurance.

ensure that the insurance you get covers your belongings. Maintain
meticulous lists of all your belongings to ensure everything that can
be stolen is replaced if the unthinkable happens.

Your Doors and Windows

all the doors and windows before you leave might be obvious for most
people, but people often forget about additional doors and windows in
their homes. Sliding glass doors require extra attention to ensure
they cannot be slid open. You can also place a block on the door’s
sliders to ensure it cannot be opened from the outside.

windows are often forgotten too, so check all of them as well as any
other potential
points of entry

the Home Look Occupied

keep criminals at bay, make it look like you are at home. You can put
your lights and television on a timer or leave a locked car in the
driveway and have someone watch it for you.

Lots of break-ins happen when people are away on
vacation and where there are obvious signs they are not at home. It
is therefore important that you have protections in place and do
everything you can to avoid giving away the fact that you are not at

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