How to Save Time on your Recruitment Process

Business / Tuesday, June 25th, 2019

If you are a business that recruits regularly, but find it takes up so much of your time – you may need to have a look at your policies and procedures in terms of recruitment to see how you can speed things up to save both time and money.  Here we take a look at some ways in which you can standardise the process, and make things run more smoothly.

Outsource your Recruitment Process

If you have a company where you don’t really have a human resource team with the skills and experience to recruit effectively for you, then you could outsource to an executive staffing agency.  An executive search firm have the expertise to find an executive or team member who will fit in with your company culture.  They will do their best to match you with the right candidate and save you a lot of time when it comes to looking through CV’s and arranging interviews. If you want to quickly find out what the fees associated with this are, the firm Tru Path outline there’s on their website.

Try Applying for a Role at your Own Company

If you are keeping your recruitment in-house, it’s important to use technology to your advantage.  Think about how people currently apply for a role within your company. If you try to put yourself in their shoes – you might find some reasons why people aren’t completing a job application.  Ask yourself some questions like: How long has this taken me?  Do all those questions really need to be there?  Can the user use a mobile device to apply?  Making the application process as user friendly as possible will save you lots of time.

Use Automated Alerts

Reviewing every CV that comes in takes a lot of time and effort.  The good news is there are great automated tools out there such as Indeed Resume Alerts and Google Alerts – that will allow you to find the best talent. Here you will be able to get alerts regarding possible suitable candidates for your role – and save you lots of time having to scan through lots of emails.

Use Email Templates as Responses

Of course personalization is important, but you don’t need to have every email made from scratch.  If you receive a lot of applicant’s, instead of emailing each individual person thanking them and letting them know what the next steps are – but create an autoresponder letting them know they can get back to you with any queries they may have.  This is a massive time saver.

Use an Auto Scheduler Tool for Interviews

It could be that you have to spend a lot of time setting up phone interviews.  When you email someone, you need to wait for them to read it, and then respond.  Sometimes this can take much longer than necessary.  Even then, it could be that they can’t make that specific day or time.  There are some great calendar tools that will allow you to set preselected dates and times that they can choose from which will save a lot of back and forth.

If you are looking to save time on your recruitment process – then try some of those top tips.

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