How to supercharge employee productivity with these management hacks

Business / Sunday, September 16th, 2018

To say that the field of management has turned on its head over the last few years is a huge understatement. Once upon a time, there was one type of management and one type only. Now, umpteen studies have been conducted about it – and it’s made life for employees much better, whilst also boosting the fortunes of businesses.

As the title of today’s post might have already suggested, we are here to take a look at some practices which can specifically develop productivity in your team. Sure, if you are completely serious about your career as a manager, taking a look at online MBA admission requirements might be an idea. For those of you looking for quick and easy wins, it’s time to read on though.

Employees need to be respected as individuals

Firstly, don’t forget that employees are people. Sure, they might work under you, but away from work they are on an equal footing. This is something that a lot of managers still forget.

It has been found, through countless studies, that when employees feel a sense of respect, they are more likely to push and try to succeed for their company.

Constructive feedback should be the only feedback

This has perhaps been one of the biggest changes in management. Once upon a time, managers were regarded as being quite harsh; it was almost a prerequisite for the role. Nowadays, this is changing and to be a modern-day manager, you need to know how to deliver feedback.

Regardless of the standard of work that one of your workers has performed, always make sure the feedback you provide encourages them. Sure, it might not always be positive, but at least let them know where they can improve. This relates to the first point we made, about respecting them as individuals.

Be the backbone for your employees

Again, this would never have been contemplated in the past, but nowadays employees need more support than ever before in their role. If it is clear that they are having a hard time, for example if they are suffering from unfair criticism from another person in the business, this is your time to step in. You need to have their back, and they need to know this. They will ultimately feel valued and are more likely to try their upmost for you.

Remember the principles of intrinsic motivation

Several decades ago, Sears, Roebuck and Company conducted one of the most interesting studies ever put together based on employee motivation. The results were quite shocking; rather than being motivated by hikes in pay or anything else extrinsic, it was factors such as feeling ‘in’ on projects that provided the fuel for work.

These principles still exist to this very day. You don’t have to give employees a huge pay rise to motivate them; this will probably have short-term benefits. Instead, remember the day-to-day points that can make the world of difference to their motivation levels.

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