How You Can Get the Funds You Need for Your Startup Business

Business / Saturday, March 16th, 2019

New businesses are launching every day but not all will be successful. Most of the new businesses will close down within a short period when they have no customer. It is hard to survive especially when people keep opening the same shops as you and they are doing even better. You will have to upgrade your business if you want to compete with them and it is going to cost you some money. Many new entrepreneurs struggle in this area as they don’t have any knowledge on how to gather the funding. There are many ways to raise funds for your startup business and you are bound to find a way if you keep trying.


Self Funding

The first solution is to use your own savings or collect funding from the founders. Using your own savings to fund the business is a way of showing to investors that you are serious and willing to take risk. The advantage is that you can get the funds immediately to invest it for your business. You also have total control over the funds and can use it to invest for your business in any way you want.

Borrow from Friends and Family Members

If you don’t have savings, you can turn to friends or family members to borrow money for your startup. You can borrow a small amount from each person if you can’t find someone who will lend you the full amount. If you borrow from a friend or family member, you can write a promissory note as a way of promising that you will pay back within a specified period of time. The lender will be responsible in providing the funds according to the terms in the note. If you are not experienced in writing a promissory note, you can use the free promissory note in pdf template in a PDF editor. It is easy to create a promissory note with the template in Movavi PDF Editor since all the standard legal terms are already laid out. You simply fill in the key information in the blanks such as identity of borrower and lender and the specific lending term you have agreed with the lender. When you want to add signature, you can click the Add Signature button to import your signature image into the signature field.



Crowdfunding involves asking donation from the public to support your business. You must first start a listing on a crowdfunding platform. In the listing, you must pitch the ideas of your business to give people reason to make a pledge. If the crowdfunding is successful, you will have report to the pledgers on the progress of your business idea. You will face competition from other people who are pitching the same business ideas. You will not reach the funding goal if you don’t have a business pitch.


Obtain a Small Business Loan

You can take out a loan from a local bank in the neighborhood. Nowadays, obtaining a loan is increasingly difficult so you have to come up with a solid business plan. You must create a business plan that detailed on how your business idea operate, estimate earnings and maturity period. Small business loans can provide a large capital to entrepreneurs. The capital you obtain from the loan can speed up the process of generating a bigger income for your business. Usually, business loans require collaterals. If you can’t meet the goal you promise in the business plan, you may risk your collateral getting repossessed by the bank.


Government Startup Funding Program

There are government programs which you can apply to obtain startup capitals. Your business plan must first be approved by the grant committee before you will receive the funding for your business. Government program can offer substantial amount of capital for your startup. The downside is that it can take a long time for the committee to review and approve the business plan.


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