Interdependence PR – Top Tips on Selecting the Right OR Firm For Your Business

Business / Saturday, August 17th, 2019

The right PR firm can work wonders for your business and help to take your company to the next level, but only if you make the right choice when hiring. There are some outstanding PR firms out there such as Interdependence PR who are working miracles for their clients but sadly for every great PR firm there is one which will not be able to provide you with the keys to the castle like they say that they can. So how can you ensure that you choose the right firm? Well here are some tips which may help you out.


Customer Service


There are many PR firms who believe that customer service isn’t something which is high on their agenda and this is a worrying start to any kind of meeting. Some PR firms think that you need their business more than they need yours and this is why they fail when it comes to the customer service side of things. This is not something which you should accept at all and you need to know that whichever PR firm you hire, is going to be doing everything in their power to value your custom and deliver results.


Absolute Transparency


Another common complaint amongst some businesses is that their PR firm is not transparent around what they are doing for the business. They take the attitude of ‘we’ll solve it’ and give the client general and sweeping terms for what they will be doing. Remember that this is your money which they are working with and you need to know where every single cnet goes. If you meet with a PR firm and they speak in general terms rather than actually drilling down into what they plan to do, then you may very well be better finding another.




Not all PR companies are alike and each one will have its own specializations, the challenge to you is to find the right PR firm which will do the best business in your own niche. There is little point having a PR firm on board for your tech company for example, if they don’t know how to speak to your market or if they don’t fully understand the industry. The methodology of PR is the same for most companies but there is a small and important percentage of what they do which must be tailored to your specific industry.




Ultimately what you are looking for here is a PR firm with a strong orientation on delivering results. You need to feel that there is a clear goal in mind from your PR company and a plan in place by which to achieve it. If you don’t feel as though the firm which you are speaking with are driven by results then you will be far better off looking elsewhere for a team who are going to do whatever it takes to deliver.

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