Kynect™ Founder Rob Snyder Honored as Hero for Hope at Hope Supply Company Annual Fundraising Event

Business / Wednesday, November 13th, 2019

Recently Rob Snyder, founder of Kynect, attended the annual fundraising event hosted by Hope Supply Company, a nonprofit that provides essential services for thousands of homeless and at-risk children yearly. As Chairman of the Hope Supply Company Board of Directors, Rob has always been a staunch supporter of the work they do to assist organizations that provide essential services for homeless families and children. This year, Hope Supply Company rewarded Rob for his generous contributions of time, energy, and resources, by honoring him with their annual Hero for Hope award.


Outside of his philanthropic work, Rob is the founder of Kynect which seeks to combine value on essential services with a community of Independent Associates who are provided with the opportunity to build a business on their own terms. Associates help one another leverage success in business while also helping friends and family save money on services such as electricity, gas or wireless.


Kynect is all about people helping people, so it’s no surprise that its founder has always been a passionate contributor to projects that improve the lives of people in his community by providing essential assistance to those in need.


The Hero for Hope Award


Every year, Hope Supply Company recognizes an individual in the community who has demonstrated a passionate commitment to their cause and has made significant and impactful contributions to the organization with their annual Hero for Hope Award.  This year, that award was bestowed upon Rob Snyder.


“Rob Snyder was the second recipient of the Hero for Hope Award given for his dedicated service to Hope Supply Company,” announced a Hope Supply Company spokesperson.


“Rob is the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Hope Supply Co. and is instrumental in the growth and success of the nonprofit organization to continue to execute its vital mission of meeting the critical needs of homeless and at-risk children.  Rob has traveled to homeless facilities, generously supported the organization financially, he has led the board with skill on strategic and operational matters and is passionate about helping children in need. Hope Supply Co. is proud to name Rob Snyder as our Hope Hero for 2019!”

About Hope Supply Company


Hope Supply Company was founded in 1989 as The Hope Foundation for the Homeless, and initially served as a clearinghouse that distributed donations to homeless individuals. The organization refined its mission during the early 1990’s, when it came to light that mothers with small children were quickly becoming the fastest growing segment of the homeless population in the United States. In response to this alarming trend, the organization focused its mission specifically on providing essential resources to homeless and at-risk children, who represent the most vulnerable segment of society.  During that period, The Hope Foundation became known as Captain Hope’s Kids, before changing its name to Hope Supply Company in 2015 to better reflect their commitment to providing hope for homeless children and infants.


Hope Supply Company supports the critical needs of homeless and at-risk children across the region of North Texas by providing such essentials as diapers, clothing, school supplies, and toys, as well as educational programs to enhance the lives of children in homeless shelters.  Hope Supply Company maintains an active network that includes over 70 partner agencies, including key social service organizations such as homeless shelters, transitional residential centers, school districts, and state agencies. The organization is committed to ensuring that every donation is delivered directly to needy families and children through partnerships with such groups as  The National Diaper Bank Network that provides clean diapers to needy families.


Because studies have shown that improved education can break the cycle of poverty and homelessness, Hope Supply Company also provides such essentials as school supplies and backpacks so that children can succeed at school, and parents can focus on the future, rather than on meeting immediate needs.

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