Mack Prioleau – The Importance of Marketing Sensibility

Business / Monday, September 14th, 2020

A lot has changed in 2020 and the business landscape is certainly one of them. Some businesses have been forced to close their doors forever, others have had to switch their focus and sell completely different things, some have done great work for the community and others have made moves and said things which have completely alienated their customer base. One thing which is for sure, those businesses which have survived will have to do things very differently going forward. Nobody knows this better than Mack Prioleau, a marketing guru and someone who has been instrumental in helping many companies with their new marketing strategies.

Mack has been speaking across social media of late about how the face of marketing will be changing, and I want to pick up on the point which he has made about sensibilities.


The risk which many face is going to hard in order to take advantage of the opportunity which has been presented here. There are more people online than ever before and that means that the already big audience just got even bigger. On top of this there are so many companies which have been forced to close their doors, which means that other companies may get a look in and be able to take over market share.

It is absolutely true that there is a big chance here for businesses but only if they market in the right way, if they don’t then they could completely squander what is a great chance.

Tone of Ads

There is a reason why beer giants Corona haven’t taken what many could perceive to be a golden opportunity to market hard, and that is that we are living through a global pandemic. This virus has cost the lives of over a million and it has destroyed the lives of millions more. This is why if you do market during this time, it can’t come from an aggressive or ‘witty’ place, because of the damage which the pandemic has caused. Can you reference what is going on? Of course you can, should you make light of it or look to take advantage? Absolutely not. the Tone of any ad that you create should be one of being in it together, an honest and community based ad that is in line with what is going on.

Short Term

Something else which Mack touched on during an Instagram live that I saw was how so many businesses need to ditch the long term band growth ads, and instead look to get money in the business. This couldn’t be more truthful and any ad dollars which companies are investing should be done with an idea to get the biggest return as quickly as possible. The theme of the ads right now should be buy this product now, rather than look at who we are and what we do.

Things are changing and the businesses which will do best are those which change too.

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