Mack Prioleau – Turning Failure Into Fortune

Business / Friday, October 9th, 2020

Two years ago I launched my very own record store after dreaming of owning one for years, this originally was something which I always thought would just be a dream, yet an old college friend of mine really inspired me to change lanes, take a risk, and find success. My buddy Mack Prioleau spent his childhood years dreaming of playing pro baseball, and he was certainly in line to become that good. Despite the potential which Mack had, and the ability too, a devastating shoulder injury which he sustained in his second year fo college killed the dream. Naturally this was a tough process for him to go through having dedicated so much of his life to it, but what he did next was incredible. Taking all of that energy he studied business, launched a nutrition company and now he’s killing it.

This is what inspired me to change.

Miles Away From The Dream

Following a brief career in marketing I took a risk and went to work as a chef at a friend’s restaurant, this was a nice gig and one which meant I was doing something I loved, and it paid well too. Sadly however the restaurant struggled and ended up going bust, which left me without a job.

Looking Ahead

I had some savings left over from the well paid marketing job but nowhere near enough for me to launch my own business. I considered the idea of borrowing some money but that just didn’t seem like a great idea because I didn’t know whether it would be a success or not. And so after weighing up a number of options, I began looking for cheffing jobs again, whilst security making plans to launch that record store I had long dreamed of, I used to even go and look at premises, even though I wasn’t going to make it happen.

And Then Just Like That..

In the months that followed I picked up a few chef gigs but nothing that great, I had enjoyed working with my friend previously and now this was gone. One night I’m chatting with my girlfriend about college days and I remember what happened to Mack with regards to his injury. The more I though about it, this guy literally had his dreamed ripped away, and he didn’t moan or whine, he switched lanes, hustled hard and became a huge success.

With this in mind I was inspired and the following week I was sat in the bank, ready to take on a small loan to set up a little cafe which sold records, the idea was to keep saving, keep collecting and then launch a full blown record store. Currently I am about 6 months from doing just that, I will keep the cafe open and I will look for somewhere new to launch a mid-sized record store, and I cannot wait. What I may even do once I open that little place up, is call it Mack’s Records!

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