MAGFAST Charger Is Producing A High-Quality Product That Makes It Easier Than Ever to Charge Your Devices

Business / Thursday, November 7th, 2019

If you are an individual that utilizes multiple mobile devices every day, or even if you just use one, you might want to consider choosing a unique new charging product that will allow you to ditch charging wires, cables, cords, forever. This unique and innovative product is called the MAGFAST Charger family. This family of charging products are the creation of trained engineer and businessman Seymour Segnit. He has poured business expertise into this project of changing the way that people charge their mobile devices. Seymour has also designed some unique chargers that use magnetic technology to charge all of the different types of mobile devices that are currently being used in today’s market.


Seymour Segnit’s educational background is in the field of engineering and he studied at the prestigious University of Oxford. After graduation, he has gone on to tremendous success as a businessman and has worked in the fields of radio and marketing. This success as a successful businessman combined with his engineering expertise has been a great combination as he strives to build this exciting new mobile device charging company called MAGFAST Charger. The public excitement over these products has been tremendous as well. The firm recently brought in a large sum of funding by way of a crowdfunding event. In a short time, the team was able to raise $300 thousand.


Seymour Segnit first found himself becoming involved in this quest to change the way people charge devices in 2013. His frustration grew as his number of mobile devices grew. Seymour was getting sick of having to carry many different charging cords around with him everywhere that he went and decided he would find a new alternative. He used that prestigious engineering background he had to create the first version of what has become the basis of this exciting new company.


With his initial prototype in hand, Seymour Segnit soon realized that he had something that would be appealing to the general public. Mobile device use is constantly increasing, and this has seen an increase in the number of mobile devices that individuals use daily. With this rise, the need for charging access has risen but the technology involved with charging has been slow to match to constant improvement in device charging. These unique cordless chargers are the answer to this issue and the improvement in the technology that has been greatly needed. Seymour and his team have designed chargers that can charge devices without needing a bundle of tangled cords and they work for all the different devices currently out there.


MAGFAST Charger is all about convenience and because of this, Seymour and his team have developed an entire family of these great chargers. This family currently numbers six great charger options. These chargers are manufactured to high-quality standards which means that they are built to last. This is a big contrast to the majority of chargers currently in use that do not last long and just end up getting thrown out. Seymour and his team are developing chargers that have real lasting power to them on top of the convenience that they offer.




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