Michael Giuffrida – 5 Habits Successful People Have.

Business / Monday, January 21st, 2019


By Michael Giuffrida, Hartford native and president of Southington Association of Entrepreneurship


Why does getting ahead in the competition for life sometimes seem such a struggle? Here’s why: in order to be successful, you need to be very disciplined. I’ve interviewed and asked Michael Giuffrida about his daily habits and the ones he considers to have helped him succeed, he credits the small details and simple daily routines, proven over time to give him a certain edge. Check out what he has to say about the habits of successful people.

  1. Study your industry.

“Everyday I take an hour of personal time, usually after dinner, to read about the industry, the competitors within my sector, current events and general culture. I start with informative emails and then branch out. I bookmark, tag (Evernote, Google Drive) posts that I like and I can refer to later. I share these posts whenever I can to keep the topic fresh in Facebook conversations, this helps me remember the salient parts and it sticks in my head.”

Michael Giuffrida also advised us to use a website called Owler, in order to check competition within the sector.

  1. Keep a handy journal.

“Most people use a journal for scribbling or jotting down what they consider important. But there’s a lot more you can do with a journal in order to get results in life. Use your journal as a wish list for future goals. I’ve kept a journal to chronicle my life, plan my dreams and detail strategies that can serve my life’s purpose. This is one of the most important success habits, it empowers me to turn imagination and ideas into reality.”

Michael Giuffrida admonishes a balance between the emotional writing and the strategic.

  1. Mind and body work together.

“Being successful requires a balanced person, it’s more than mental fitness or intellectual prowess, for the body is the vehicle of what plans and pursuits. I have a daily workout routine that I began in 2009, and it has evolved alongside my mental fortitude. I feel more prepared to face life with this holistic approach, and even my spiritual life takes part in the more mundane of things. A strong body is a perfect vehicle for a strong mind.”

Michael Giuffrida likes to take an example from the Greeks, who were not only mentally superior but strong of body too.

  1. Remove fear.

“Barriers are divisive and can sometimes make teamwork harder, but generally, these barriers are really about a fear of failure, of being blamed, of being accountable and taking responsibility, of holding a certain kind of power over a certain kind of concept and position. This fear is also rooted in negative experiences with previous bosses, colleagues, and of course, immediate family members. I try to accept the blame in equal proportion, I tell people that we can go beyond fear by sticking together and becoming very productive.”

Michael Giuffrida says there is no greater fear than the fear of being afraid.

  1. Unplugged.

“I more often than not need a break from technology, though technology has to do with my success, there is a limit to my interaction with it. I find it dulls the senses and can make us forget that we are human beings belonging to something greater. I find that when I spend too much time with technology, my sense of humor suffers.”

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