Michelle Marquez – That’s What Friends Are For!

Business / Thursday, August 8th, 2019

My BFF, Michelle Marquez and I, have been heading out of our home town in Pasadena and tripping to almost every state in the US since we were kids. I have been on road trips with other people and they are never the same as when I go with Michelle, and she has said the same about me. Getting the perfect road trip companion isn’t easy and you need to make sure that if you are going to spend a long time with someone in an enclosed environment like a car, that you choose the right person. Michelle ticks all of the boxes of what you need in a road trip companion, and these are the key characteristics which she has, and which you need to look for.




The number one thing which you need in a travel companion is patience, the last thing you need is someone freaking out about any small thing that goes wrong, or someone who is constantly looking at when you arrive or tracking your time on the road. Long road trips are to be enjoyed and that means that you need someone who is cool, calm and patient.


Similar Tastes


You do not have to have the same tastes as your companion, Michelle and I often differ greatly in things that we like and dislike, but you must still have some things in common which you like. Music for example is going to be a big part of the journey and you need to be able to listen to each other’s music, and have some genres which you both enjoy. The same goes for talking, there must be some common ground somewhere or else it will become a road trip which is something of a bore.


Adventurous Heart


If you think that going on a road trip is about getting from point A to point B and then heading back again to point A, you are unlikely to have a great time and it is also unlikely that you will be a great road trip companion like Michelle. The key to a road trip is enjoying A to B, by looking for adventures in points C, F, J and Y, this is where the real magic happens. You have to throw caution to the wind for real adventure, take a turn which you are unsure of, say yes to random invitations and generally be open to anything. You must have a companion who is truly along for the ride.


Willing to Compromise


You aren’t always going to want to go to the same places, eat the same type of food or stay in certain locations but you and your travel companion must be willing to compromise. You can’t always have it your own way and this is why it is important that you can have a rational talk with your travel companion, and then make a decision whereby one party or the other compromises.


Follow these tips and go find yourself your very own Michelle Marquez!

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