Pietro Triassi Montreal – 5 Reasons You’ll Love Ice Hockey

Business / Wednesday, August 5th, 2020

For Pietro Triassi Montreal Canadiens are very much life and he, like so many of us, tunes in every week to watch the team through what is usually a very up and down season. Pietro has a campaign at the moment which is aiming to get more people involved in hockey and it is a great initiative which is going to bring so much more attention to the game.

Ice hockey is a wonderful sport and it is something which everyone can get behind, if you are a little interested then here are 5 reasons why you are going to absolutely love the sport.


It is the pace of the sport which so many love and at all levels you will find ice hockey to be wild and played at fast speed. This is by far and away one of the most entertaining aspects of the game whether you are playing or watching, and you really have to keep your eyes fixed on that puck.


There aren’t too many sports where a little bit of fighting is encouraged, but in ice hockey this is certainly the case. Make no mistake, overly physical tackles and fighting will land you in trouble, but not until it is all over, well worth it in many cases.


Ice hockey is one of those great sports where just about anyone can win on their day and whilst there are teams who do win a lot more often than others, they are most certainly fallible and can be beaten by anyone in the league. What is more interesting when it comes to this is that the same thing goes for those teams in lower leagues as well, that the Davids can certainly beat the Goliaths from time to time, keeping everything interesting.


When you look at the situation of ice hockey, with its small goals and relatively small rink, it is easy to think that it will be a more dimensional game without much scoring, especially when you see the equipment which the goalkeepers wear. Despite this however, you will find that there are all kinds of different goals scored in the game and that is part of what makes it so interesting. This added variation is really one of the best aspects of the sport in total.


There are so many games that it is quite something that the players are able to get through a week without getting injured. In many cases a play will play 3 times per week and whilst that may be tough for them, it is something incredibly special for fans who just want to see more action. If you get involved in ice hockey then you can expect to watch a huge amount of games, enough to feed your new addiction.

When the ice hockey season is back following lockdown, be sure to choose a team and get some games on the television.

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