Raffaele Riva Has Simple Advice For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Business / Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

Raffaele Riva has created quite a name for himself as an entrepreneur who is equally known for both passion and success. Riva has focused his efforts on international investments, real estate, asset management, investment trusts, and other ventures.


Riva is also well-known for being the president and founder of AUREA Multi-Family Office. The parent company has a number of companies under its umbrella that provide a suite of financial services for customers in the international business sector. A few of the companies include BGB Aurea Ltd., Aurea Gestioni, Milano Fuduciari, and others.


The passion evident in Riva for his chosen line of business has been evident for some time now. Riva began starting companies as early as 1997 and enjoyed remaining an active part of the day to day management and operations of these companies. Before starting his own companies Riva gained international business experience while working for a multinational company that did business in a number of countries including South America, South Africa, Central American, Western Europe, and Canada. Riva also worked for a ‘Big 4’company in the United Kingdom and Italy where he honed his skills at auditing, accounting, and international financing.


Raffaele Riva attended college in Milan, Italy at the Catholic University of Sacro Cuore. He earned a degree in economics with a concentration on a number of disciplines that included mergers & acquisitions, tax law, corporate financing, and accounting. Riva also completed the requirements for his doctorate degree at the same school.


Riva would go on to complete his education with two post-graduate programs. The first was completed at the Canton Ticino School of Business. The second post-graduate program was attended and completed at the College of Applied Sciences in Switzerland.


Raffaele Riva has often spoken publicly regarding what he sees as the reason behind the success he has experienced as an entrepreneur. He most often credits his success to the driving passion he feels for companies he has worked for, his willingness to explore new ideas and techniques, and his desire to acquire new information and stay current on public events.


Riva believes it is this combination of character traits that have enabled him to respond to market trends and make good decisions. He also believes it allows him to improve the lives of his clients while remaining current with recent technological advancements.


Riva says it is his passion that is control when he decides on new business ventures. He says this helps him to invest in situations he finds satisfying not only because there is profit to be made. Rivas says it is also satisfying to indulge his passions while getting a first hand visual of the tangible benefits his actions bring to clients and customers.


The attitude Riva approaches life with is the same as he uses to guide his career: Pursue the things that provide you with joy and learn from the experiences you have in life. He says this approach to life and business allows him to maintain a positive outlook and stay optimistic.


Riva says he also loves to read. In addition to providing himself with entertainment, he uses reading to stay on top of current events, learn of new and innovative technology, and educate himself on international news. Riva is proud of his status as a lifelong learner and never misses a chance to use the things he learns to help others.


Riva has a simple answer when asked what advice he would give to young entrepreneurs. His advice to them is to wake up each day with the thought of finding a better way to serve the needs of their clients.






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