Remi Landau – What Will it Take For PSG to Win The Champions League?

Business / Monday, September 14th, 2020

Whilst Bayern Munich have looked scintillating all season, both my colleague Remi Landau and I sat down to watch last week’s Champions League final convinced that this would be PSG’s year, and of course it wasn’t. Ever since the money came into PSG there as a clear vision of winning the Champions League, much like there is at Manchester City, yet this is a trophy which has constantly evaded them. This was without question their best chance to win the tournament and they blew it. Admittedly Remi and I were pretty happy that the moneybags team didn’t win, but we got into quite the debate afterwards as to what PSG need to do to get their hands on this coveted prize.

Building a Team

The issue which PSG have had for some years now, and this is even from before Tuchel took over, is that they have had this mentality which was based around bringing stars in. This is of course why the invested eye watering sums of money in the likes of Mbapp and Neymar to name just a couple. On Sunday however they were steadily dismantled by the big red machine of Bayern, a team in every sense of the word which worked hard for each other and with each other, this is what PSG were lacking. When the stars perform it is great but when they don’t, they have no togetherness to rely on to pull them through.

Change the Culture

The money that these stars re being paid has given way to great privilege amongst the players and that was clearly indicated on Sunday. The number of times that Mbappe and Neymar refused seemingly run back to defend or even to get themselves back onside was embarrassing and it reeked of players who didn’t have the hunger. They win the league every year, usually with 2 or 3 domestic cups, and the likes of Neymar has already won the Champions League. Mbappe at just 21 has already ticked off the World Cup and he knows that he’ll probably end up at Madrid where he’ll grab a CL or two. This is the attitudes of these players and if PSG do wish to win this cup, they have to change the entire culture in the squad, bring down wages and get hunger there again.


Despite the large sums that they have spent, they have to invest more and invest better. This aging team will lose the likes of Thiago Silva, Veratti isn’t getting younger, nor Di Maria. They need young blood and talent in those ranks. To watch Choupo Mouting come on at the end was a sign of just how poorly this team has invested, sure he scored the semi final winner but they need real talent which will provide those special moments when they need it most.

Although they have just lost the final, the reality is that PSG have a long way to go before they can get back there.

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