Richard Blech – The Importance of Effective Security Solutions For Your Business

Business / Monday, January 21st, 2019

The world of business relies on the use of computers and it is more than likely that yours will too, utilizing many types of different software to manage our business’ operations. The big question which you need to ask yourselves here however is how much security do you have when it comes to the computers in your offices and the rest of the workplace? Surprisingly not many people invest heavily on this and that is a great mistake to make. To find out more about why it is so important that you invest heavily in your security systems, we spoke to Secure Channels CEO Richard Blech.


Low Hanging Fruit


Whist we may have seen hacks in the past against global giants such as MasterCard and Sony, hackers will not exclusively focus on these large corporations and they often take the easier options, which is company like yours. Many small business owners think that they will not get hacked because they are not ‘important enough’ but the truth is that the smaller the business the easier the hack.




Can you really afford to let all of your client’s personal and private information be leaked, passed on or sold to business’ and criminals. If the kind of information which you may have on your clients gets out then you could find yourself in grave danger. The consequences of this kind of thing will be that your reputation is destroyed and that any kind of trust which people once had in your business will disappear, you will lose money and you will lose clients.


Business Ideas


What about if you have plans for taking your business forward, new and exciting ideas on how to take your business to the next level or perhaps even a new product which has yet to launch. If you are hacked and someone obtains this kind of information they can very easily reproduce what you were going to do and leave you without any ideas or plans. Having heightened security in your business means that you will be able to ensure that anything which is stored on the company computers stays within the business, protected from hacking, well worth it if you have sensitive information.


Lost Money


A hack will make sure that your business loses money, this could happen because of lost clients, lost details or even worse, money being taken from your business directly using the access which the hackers now have.


Think about it like this, if you have a shop you’d put a lock and shutters on it, if you have a warehouse you would make sure that it has an alarm on it. We take these measures to prevent theft and rightfully so. When it comes to our computers in the business the same attitude should be adopted and you should invest in proper security for your computers to prevent being hacked.

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