Shane Kersh – What Benefits Can You Get From Blogging?

Business / Wednesday, October 16th, 2019

For a long time I always felt that blogging was just something that people did for fun but when my buddy Shane Kersh started I very quickly realized that blogging was in fact way more than this. Shane was always a very fashion conscious person so when he launched his own fashion blog he was hoping to really try and make some waves. I have watched Shane and his blog grow an incredible amount of the last few years and it was in fact Shane who sintered me to start my own blog. There are literally thousands of blogs out there but that is no reason why you cannot start your own, and here are the benefits which you can look forward to when you do.


Building a Community


It is always recommended that you select a blog topic which is considered a niche area, the reason for this is that you have a much better chance of gaining a loyal following, and this is certainly what has happened with Shane’s fashion blog. The beauty of this loyal following is that they have a passion just like you do and if you write about this passion then they are going to come along for the ride. It is an amazing feeling to know that there is a community which has been created by your blog.


Making Money


If your blog grows big enough then you can actually make money from blogging, not bad for something which is generally part time. There are multiple ways in which you can financially benefit from your blog. You can sell ad space on the blog and receive money for people who wish to advertise here, you could also place an ad which pays you based on the number of impressions which it gets. Something which you can also get if you have a popular blog is freebies. Shane is often asked to review certain clothing and they give him items for free in exchange for doing it. I also have a friend who writes sponsored posts for his travel blogs which get him free hotels and experiences.


Creative Expression


Everyone needs a creative outlet and this is exactly what you will find when you start to blog. No matter if you are making videos or writing articles, it gives you the perfect place to let your creative juices run wild. Life can get pretty boring if you are not able to express yourself creatively, so why not set up a blog and use this as your opportunity to speak to the world. It is easy to forget when you are blogging that this is exactly what you are doing, speaking to the world, a very cool thing indeed.


It is easy to set up a blog and you don’t need to spend very much money at all, most blogs can be set up for less than $20, giving you no excuse for not getting involved and starting your very own blog.

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