Should You Immediately Agree to the Changes Recommended by Potential Investors?

Business / Tuesday, May 5th, 2020

It’s understandable if investors want to ensure that their investment would go a long way. It means that they will only fund viable business proposals on which they will see a healthy return on their investment.

Some might recommend changes with the original proposal so that they can see the desired results. You might receive suggestions on the spot, but others will take time to evaluate your proposal. After giving your pitch a thought, there could be some drastic changes to be made. If you don’t agree with these proposed changes, investors might walk out of the door.

However, given that investors tend to have good knowledge and, can see a good proposal but also see flaws in proposals, it is worth listening to what they might have to say.

Study the suggestions

The first thing that you need to do is evaluate the suggestions. Don’t feel offended that potential investors don’t agree with some or all your proposals. Some of these changes might help boost your company. They won’t fund your business and suggest changes that will pull you down. Take the time to understand what they meant before you get back to them.

Check if it changes the entire point of your business

As long as these changes don’t move away from the spirit of your vision, it’s okay. However, if the whole idea got scrapped, you have to think again. It might seem like you’re running someone else’s business and not the one business vision you pitched out. You can walk away if you don’t feel satisfied with what you’re being offered. Eventually find someone who can understand your vision and pursue your original plans.

Be willing to discuss

It’s also essential for you to discuss these changes with the investors. You need to know the reason for such recommendations, and how you can meet each other halfway. In this process, you will know if you will be comfortable working with each other. If this conversation ends up with more disagreements, there’s no point in moving forward. It’s also understandable if you somehow argue since it shows how well you understand your proposal. You might even impress the investor even more, and have second thoughts on the proposed changes. 

Don’t react immediately

You might feel enraged with the changes in your original plan. It feels like you failed to capture their interest. However, before you overreact, you need to stay calm. It’s a work in progress, and you need to be together as a team. Just because they were suggestions doesn’t mean your ideas were terrible. Take time to analyze what’s in front of you, and you might understand why it’s happening.

Try your best to impress potential investors. Prepare well before you pitch your ideas to them. If possible, you need to invest in suitable tech to help strengthen the proposal. Computers or laptops, integrated hardware, even something as simple as a projector wall mount on which to place an overhead projector can all help deliver an all round proposal.

You want to impress investors right from the start. A well equipped venue is half the battle won.

A lot of things could happen along the way. Stay calm and welcome changes if they are positive. You will still see a lot of bumps in the road before eventually succeeding in your business goals. 


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