Talkspace Raises 5 Million As Part Of Financing Round Led By Revolution Growth

Business / Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

The growth of mental health awareness is something that has led to a widespread change in the manner in which people view therapist and therapy in general. While people in the past may have been averse to talking about mental health and taking the right course of action in certain situations, people today are more aware of the importance of therapy and all that it offers. This widespread awareness is what has led to the emergence of several platforms through which people can communicate with therapists and professionals. Talkspace is one such platform that is meant to bridge the gap between patients and therapists, allowing them to communicate with each other through a digital space.


Talkspace is being considered as revolutionary when it comes to the prospect of therapy. This is an app like no other, because of the incredible possibilities that it exposes people to. Through the app, individuals can seek the therapy that they need with absolute ease and without leaving the comfort of their own home. This means that individuals can seek therapy at a time that is most ideal for them and can get the help that they need without leaving the comfort of their home.


The platform has gained an impressive amount of reputation for all that they offer. The growing prominence of this app has led to the company receiving an incredible interest from investors and other professionals. The company recently announced that they had closed the financing round that they had started, which was as a result of the financing that was being carried out by Revolution Growth. Several well-known investors decided to partake in the development that the app was implementing and many of these were well-known names such as Omura Capital, Spark Capital, Norwest Venture Partners and many more. All of these companies believe that this is a revolutionary platform that is changing the manner in which people communicate with professionals. Investors believe that this is a platform that is going to become incredibly prominent and essential, which is why investing in this seems like a good idea in the present.


The platform was first released to the audience in 2012 with a single mission in mind, which was to make therapy easily accessible to anyone who needs it. The platform enables its users to pay a small subscription fee through which they can get access to one of the many healthcare professionals that the platform offers. Through the platform, users can chat with these professionals and get the help that they need. The company has also ventured into several subsidiary platforms that are specifically designed for target groups who need special kinds of help.


One of the bigger reasons why this has been able to gather so much prominence is because of the collaborations that they have formed. The company has partnered up with several well-known insurance providers and healthcare services to make people aware of the option of this and the incredible amount of benefits that they receive when using this kind of platform.


The Talkspace reviews that the platform has have been nothing short of remarkable, which is why the user base of the company has been growing at such a prominent rate. Individuals all over the world are turning to this platform, to be able to seek the therapy that they need. The Talkspace reviews on the Google Play Store and App Store are incredibly positive and attest to the brilliant services offered by the company.


There is no doubt that this platform is one of the most beneficial options for those who need a form of therapy and aren’t able to seek one on their own.




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