The Basics of Building In-House Hotel Laundry

Business / Thursday, May 23rd, 2019

To reduce costs and improve profitability, one thing that hotels can do is to build an in-house laundry. The initial cost can be quite steep, but the long-term benefits are worth it. With on-site industrial laundry equipment, such as what Continental Girbau offers, there is no need to outsource services for cleaning linens and towels. In the rest of this article, we’ll break down some of the most important elements when setting up in-house hotel laundry.

Invest in the Best Equipment

One of the most important is to have the best commercial laundry equipment from notable companies like Continental Girbau. The hotel needs to invest in high-performance washers, dryers, and ironers. It will help in reducing the hotel’s utility and labor expenses. Choose laundry machines with green technologies to help cut down water and energy usage. See to it that they have top-notch quality to avoid breakdowns and other problems.

Train Workers

Employees who will use the commercial laundry equipment in the hotel need comprehensive training. This is important to learn how to maximize the benefits of the equipment. These machines are expensive. But if they are used properly, they will be useless. This makes it important for employees assigned in the laundry room to know how to operate and troubleshoot the equipment.

Pay Attention to Care and Maintenance

To ensure long-term functionality and top-notch performance of the industrial laundry equipment in the hotel, proper maintenance is necessary. Regular cleaning of the equipment helps to make it last longer. Once a month, deep cleaning is necessary to keep the machines in their tip-top shape. Failure to maintain the equipment results in costly repairs and service disruptions. It can also make the warranty void. Work with experienced technicians to handle the maintenance requirements of the laundry equipment.

Implement Green Practices

Hotel laundry has an enormous environmental impact. There are laundry detergent ingredients that can pollute water, contaminate soil, and harm humans. Also, because large machines are used in hotel laundry facilities, they often consume a lot of water and electricity. The management needs to uncover ways to become eco-friendly in their laundry practice, such as through using Energy Star appliances and using detergents that do not contain harsh chemicals. Low-flow washing machines and recycling rainwater also help to go green in the hotel laundry.

Find the Right Space

The basement is one of the best places to install industrial laundry equipment for hotel use. These machines are often huge, requiring a generous space for their installation. It may take up valuable space that could otherwise be used as a room or facility that adds to your revenue stream. So, before installing in-house laundry equipment, find a suitable space that won’t hurt the cash flow of the business.

Hotels enjoy huge savings by building an in-house laundry compared to outsourcing washing services. With our suggestions above, it is easier to take care of the hotel’s laundry needs with its own on-site facility.

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