The Small World and Big Storage of Compactus Mobile Shelving

Business / Monday, August 27th, 2018

We don’t all have the space, or money, available for a warehouse, even though it may feel like we could really use one. So how do you store a massive amount of stuff in a reasonable space?

Compactus mobile shelving units have been around for years. And we can see why. An elegant, simple, and effective design for any small space.


What is Compactus Mobile Shelving?

Compactus mobile shelving is a storage solution that saves on available floor space, by up to 50% from more traditional methods. Compactus systems are essentially large banks of bookshelves, or filing cabinet type units that articulate with secure tracks installed in the flooring. The units concertina out to allow access to specific partitions as they’re needed, and then close when they are not. Like the beads on an abacus, you can flick the units along the track until you are able to access the specific unit you need.


How is Compactus Mobile Shelving Useful?

Compactus units have been useful in banks, doctors offices, libraries, and museums for decades. Pretty much anywhere that needs to store a large amount of items that has a small amount of floor space, can benefit from compactus shelving.


Apartments, personal storage units, garages, even kitchens, can benefit from having variable sized compactus units placed within them. They keep you organized while allowing you to maximize the usable floor space in any given room- letting you store tools, food, gear, fragile heirlooms, clothes, even beds! If you can think it, chances are a compactus unit can store it.


Compactus units are a great way for businesses to stay on top of inventory or filing practices without sacrificing excess space to do it. Property is becoming less and less affordable, especially in the urban locations that your business needs to thrive. This means that any floor space you have available is precious. Maximize it and your profits, by using a compactus system to keep your work streamlined and visibly professional and organized.


How Does it Work?

There are basically two types of compactus movement mechanisms available. They both range from the most basic, to just about as elaborate as you can imagine.


Manual compactus units open and close based off of either direct push/pull power from the user themselves, or they use small belt or chain drive mechanisms to propel the units along the track. These belt or chain driven banks are generally operated with either a small handle or wheel that the operator will turn one direction or the other, depending on which direction the operator would like the unit to go.


Mechanical compactus models are becoming much more popular. They are easy to use, incredibly safe, and becoming more affordable as their embedded technology does. A small motor is hidden in the base of the units and using a button, remote, key pad, or computer, the units will then open and close as desired. Advancements in mechanical technologies have made it so that even the elderly, handicapped, or children can safely and easily use these banks.


How is Compactus Mobile Shelving Installed?

Compactus shelving units are generally (and best) installed by a reputable compactus unit retailer. It’s important that the floor and track system be perfectly level for ease of operation and overall safety. Tracks are either placed on top of, or within, the existing or new floor. You can also integrate compactus units into drop flooring schemes.

Individual units are designed or ordered to fit the specific needs of the client. The units are then placed within the tracks and the operational system (either mechanical or manual) is then adjusted and tuned to the customers preference.


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