Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring New Staff

Business / Sunday, November 10th, 2019

Bad hires cost companies millions of dollars each year. Think about the recruitment expenses, the training costs, and salaries paid for a job done poorly. In addition to that, a bad hire can affect the performance of other employees in the company. They may lose their morale and productivity or borrow bad habits. If you hire the wrong person for a management position, some of your employees may end up leaving. A good number of employees leave work due to poor management. This article highlights some of the hiring mistakes that cause many companies to end up with the wrong person for the job.

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Poor Job Descriptions

The first mistake you should avoid is sending out poorly crafted or generic job posts. If you want to attract the right talent, start by reviewing your job descriptions. Your description should highlight not just the skills you are looking for but also what the ideal candidate should bring to the job. This is because nowadays, many people aren’t just looking for jobs, but jobs that will give them fulfillment by utilizing their skills well. Therefore, your description should go further than a list of qualifications. Craft it in such a way that the reader will be able to clearly envision what working in that position would be like. Avoid exaggerating anything or making promises you won’t fulfill when writing your job description.

Advertising in Only One Place

Advertising in one place limits the number of people you reach out to. Therefore, look for more places where you can place your ads. Thanks to advances in technology, you can make use of HR software that allows one to share one ad to multiple places with the click of a button.

Rushing Through Selection and Recruiting Process

How do you sift through the applications? Do you take your time to ask enough questions and give the candidates enough time to answer during interviews? How about background checks? Do you do them thoroughly? Even when you are in a hurry to fill the position, it is important to take your time. Managers with busy schedules can consider human resources staffing companies. These are companies whose main job is to help businesses find the right talent.

Not Taking Advantage of Networks

Some of the people who can make good candidates for your job are already working with other companies and not actively searching for new jobs. This is one of the key reasons why you should also consider using your networks when looking for new talent. Let people in your network know that you are searching and they may refer some good talent to you.

Other than your networks, don’t forget to engage your employees also. They too can refer some professionals to work in your business. You can promise some incentives for good referrals. To avoid bad feelings in case you don’t hire a referral, let everyone know that all referrals will go through the screening process and you will hire only those who are best suited for the job.

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