Top 5 Most Profitable Small Business Ventures in 2019

Business / Tuesday, June 25th, 2019

There are lots of different small business out there that are extremely profitable and there are bucket loads of innovative people out there looking at different business types. With technology changing at an extremely fast pace and globalisation becoming ever more apparent, this may be seen as a challenge by some but as an opportunity for others. Here are the details of some of the most profitable ventures in 2019.

The internet is a really busy place and as such there is a lot of requirement for content to be placed within it. Some of the most profitable business’ in 2019 relate to providing content or graphics to these internet companies where individuals will write credible content for placement on specific sites. This area continues to grow in size as the demand for content grows.

Dog Walking / Boarding Business

Dog walking has taken a massive boost over the last few years and 2019 seen it at its peak. People care very much about their pets and as a consequence they want to make sure that they are taken care of. With the challenges of work, many pet owners are out for a long time during the day. As a result, they may employ a dog walking company to take their dog out on its own or even with other dogs to help give them exercise and socialise with other animals.

Cleaning Business

This marketplace has changed significantly through 2019 where previously people would sometimes employ individuals to clean their home or business but now it has moved more to business running with this activity. Small cleaning businesses are extremely profitable if managed efficiently as there is a much greater demand for this (especially in homes whilst people are living very busy lives).

Bike Rentals

There have been many cities that have taken on bike rentals for people to easily commute around busy cities. As this becomes an even greater challenge when cities become more congested, bike hire companies are seeing this as an opportunity and jumping on the bandwagon. Climate change is becoming far more important in people’s minds and the use of bikes is therefore becoming far more apparent as an option. Getting your hands on decent bikes can be difficult but it can be something you cover with a business loan. Apply here if you are looking for something which can help you meet these costs.

Selling Products Online

Selling products on sites such as eBay continues to be a big player in 2019. You will find that people will purchase items at a low rate and then forward sell this on platforms such as eBay at a much more profitable position. There has been a recent crackdown on this from the tax man to make sure that anyone that is doing this, is a registered company and declaring any of the financials appropriately so that any tax due on the profits is actually made.

Do any of these ideas catch your eye? Start your own small business today!


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